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can my GP treat my Newborn nephew?

Hi, My sister recently had a baby, she lives in london but decided to come home to Birmingham to be with her mother so she can help out with the newborn baby, the baby is now around 3 weeks old and first developed thrush in its mouth we rang the local gp where the family is registered but it refused to treat or even look at my newborn nephew, stating it is their policy that they cannot treat unregisted patients. Anyone who i have told this to were shocked and said By law a GP has to look at a newborn baby even though it is not registered at the surgery, even my sisters midwife was quite shocked that the surgery refused to see my nephew. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences or could clarify this situation, Thank You

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I live in Wales so we may have a slightly different system. But from my experience, when my sister who stayed with me for a short while developed a kidney infection my local GP signed her on as a visiting/temporary patient or something to that effect based on my registration with the GP. It meant she could get the antibiotics needed without us having to attend A&E which would have been our only other option.

On the NHS choices page it advises...

"Temporary registration

If you want to see a GP and are visiting an area for more than 24 hours but less than three months, you can apply to register with a GP surgery as a temporary resident. The application can be made using form GMS3"

The link to the page is here:

Best of luck x


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