My daughter is having a few problems with sleeping - can you help?!?

My daughter is three and a half and has been fantastic at going to bed and sleeping through right from a very young age. This week she has started being quite a pickle going to bed, fussing around with getting comfortable, wiping her nose and dribbles, and then not wanting us to leave the room. She is usually so tired (as she doesn't nap during the daytime). For a couple of nights she has also woken during the night in the early hours sometimes to go to the toilet but sometimes for silly things and then again not wanting us to leave her again. She has a vivid imagination and I'm pretty sure that its just a phase (although hopefully not a too long one!!). She did say that there were monsters and they were taking her toys away, obvioulsy we reassured her that she is safe and mummy and daddy are just in the next room, but that doesn't seem to be working at the moment - can you help? I'm pregnant too and so exhausted - would welcome any advice or reasssurance that this is all normal and she'll just grow out of it.

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  • My little boy had nightmares at this age and they lasted a few months. We collected feathers and made up a silly dance and scattered the feathers and magic in his room to keep the bad things away. It mostly worked and he felt happy the night time fairies and teddies are keeping him safe! Do you read a story in her room before bed time, it always helps my lively pair to calm down.. :)

  • Thanks Rachel - we have reassured and reassured - this evening has been particularly bad. We do read her a story...Tried leaving her crying tonight and taking her back when she has got out of bed. Feel terrible and she is so upset !! A few months OMG!!!

  • It's horrible isn't it.. I hope it goes quickly. I just remember being told that a child's fears are real, so I try to remember that.. Very hard when ur completely shattered. Have u tried a better night light? We had to leave the landing light on as well as his room light.

  • It's just so frustrating because until about a week ago she was sleeping like a dream. Nothing has changed at all. We went away to my inlaws for the weekend - I think that must be the cause of this. My inlaws are much louder generally and she woke each night we were there. I'm reluctant to change anything. She slept through all night and woke at 8.45!! I just let her sleep. We managed to get her down by about nine fifteen (taken about an hour and a half). We have learnt one vital thing though leaving her crying didn't work for us - she was hysterical. And you are right she seems really truly frightened. Onwards we go xxx

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