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Toddler suddenly HATES nursery

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My son is 2.5 years old and has been going to nursery since he was 1. He goes 3 full days a week and is home with me, his dad, or sometimes one of our mums looking after him the rest of the time.

He’s always loved it and happily gets ready/leaves in the morning. Over Christmas they closed for 2 weeks which is the longest break he’s ever had so we weren’t surprised when the first few days back were difficult. Problem is it hasn’t improved and every morning he’s completely inconsolable. Crying until he can barely breathe, physically fighting being dressed, literally clinging on to door frames as he’s carried out in the morning. I don’t think anything has happened there - he always tells me he’s had a good time at the end of the day but mornings are intense and a 2 person job just to get him ready. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and really struggling with sickness plus worried about him kicking out at me which he does when he’s this upset. Sorry for the long post! It makes me miserable to see him this sad but I just don’t know how to help him.

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Hey Solly .Two weeks out of routine is a life time for someone so young and it’s the worst feeling ever to see them so upset (that don’t get any easier ) .With his Nursery says now could whoever takes him stay with him maybe 20 minutes at nurser6 to settle him then just slip out when he’s engaging in play with the other children ? He could also be picking up the fact that things are gonna change cause Mammy is having another little baby .It’s a big upheaval Noah was so upset for weeks after Grayson and it’s only the last month he has settled and has started to interact with Grayson .I hope little man settles back down and you find a way around the situation as there is nothing worse .Especially with Morning sickness on top everything seems worse xxx

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Hiya love! I did wonder if it’s to do with that. We haven’t fully told him yet but have broached the subject of a baby brother or sister and got a firm NO 😂😬 so yeah, perhaps he’s picking up on things. He is especially clingy with me. I’m going to speak to nursery today at pick up I think, good idea. Glad Noah’s happier with the situation now! It must be a big upheaval for them xx

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hey I’ve been here with my little boy and it’s really tough - sorry you are going through this!

We have had the same reaction after a break from nursery, either from illness or holiday - he goes 3 days like your child and finds it really difficult going back after a gap as he loves being at home and is pretty clinging to me and his dad. So much so I sent him between Christmas and New Year although we didn’t really need to, (our nursery is open 52 weeks) as I didn’t want to upset his routine and have another bad patch.

When he’s not been good, the nursery staff have advised me to be as quick as possible at drop off, otherwise he will never let me go, they always assure me he’s fine 5/10 mins later if I’ve called to check in.

I’m also expecting number 2 and The most recent bad patch I think has been related to worries about that, but we’ve started involving him in things about his sister as she’s due next month and he seems quite excited now.

In terms of in the morning before nursery, I’ve tried to incentivise him to get ready by offering a biscuit or some raisins or something as a treat before we go (he has breakfast there) once he’s got ready, and let him have a bit of his favourite TV show and a cuddle. I’ve also tried to give him choices of what to wear so he feels involved and in control in some of the routine. We talk about nursery a lot on the days he’s not in sometimes and mention his friends/key worker.

We have had some really hard weeks where I have worries sick all day at work it’s been really hard, but we have come out the other side now so it does pass eventually I promise.

I hope some of that helps, best of luck xx

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