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Morning sickness medication at 6 weeks pregnant

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hi all

I was wondering if someone could offer advice on their experience. I had severe nausea for a week from 5 weeks pregnant. I would be nauseous all day and night with dry heaving like 6/7 time a day and then it got really bad where I started to vomit 5/6 times a day (sorry for the extra info). It started to affect my daily life and I would just cry. I went to the doctor and they prescribed me with Cyclizine (up to 3 times a day). it seemed to have worked wonders! I’ve only taken two tablets and it’s so much better where I’ve not had to take any more.

but now I’m getting worried because the nausea and sickness hasn’t come back. Is that normal?

I feel mild nausea now and again throughout the day but nowhere near how I used to feel before taking the medication. I’m two days off the medication and feel like I’m barely got the same symptoms. I’m just worried for my baby being only 6 weeks pregnant.

I spoke to the doctor and they said the medication has probably worked better than we thought and if the symptoms come back, to start the tablets again.

Don’t know if I’m thinking into it too much but it’s my first pregnancy. My first scan of next week and I really want it to be okay!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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I took medication for sickness up to about 16 weeks . All was OK. X

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I am 22 weeks and still having to take cyclozine but I think everyone’s experience is different. If you are still feeling nauseous that’s probably a good sign. It’s so hard not to worry in the first trimester but actually you will find it easier if you are not vomiting all the time. Hope your scan goes well

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I’ll be totally honest with you and a similar thing happened in my first pregnancy where I took it for a few weeks then the nausea and sickness hugely dropped off and it turned out I had a missed miscarriage. My second and third pregnancies I took tablets but they barely touched the nausea. Just helped limit the vomiting. I was sick for months.

Do you mean you only took it twice?

Or you could just be really lucky! I have a friend who had a bad sickness episode but nothing after that and her baby was fine x

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