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5 weeks 4 days pregnancy dark brownish discharge

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Im 5 weeks 4 days pregnant i have brownish discharge in morning so i check USG and result say Single early intrauterine pregnant and follow up USG after 2 weeks. But i still continue dark brown discharge now little red brown. Everytime i wee it comes with pinkish brrown come out. Im so worried anyone have same experience please share ur opinion thank you.

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You should check with a doctor or midwife

I had the exact same experience... They want you to do a repeat ultrasound because by 7 weeks they should see a heartbeat to confirm viability. I went for the 7-week ultrasound (following the daily spotting) and there was a heartbeat. I am 10 weeks now waiting for my 12-week ultrasound. Good luck!

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hi im 5 weeks and 4 days today and im having a dark brown discharge every single day but not enough to full my panty liners. my LMP is april 20 but starting may 14 i had this dark brown disxharge everyday,i try my pT last may 17 and it turned out positive.been worried here since my visit to ob was scheduled this coming june 8 and i have some cramping right now

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What was update is your baby is ok I am also suffering from this dark brown stringy discharge but it not cover my panty when I go washroom then it will come sometime red in colour some time light brown colour my USG date is 29 june can you share your experiences with me I am first time pregnant after 4 year I feel very tense due to this I am suffer from this problem since last Tuesday and also now Dr didn't give me injection or medicine plz help me

Hlo dearI too had this... And you will have to wait till 7week of usg.. Only on 7week heart beat will be heard.. Before that only sac will be visible... Stay positive.. Make sure it is brownish discharge because it is your old tissues relaxing out... Don't worry I too had gone through this phase. Waiting for another week is really very difficult... I can understand...

You will definitely hear the heart beat of your little one on 7th week..

Is everything ok I am also suffer from this problem since last Tuesday

Is everything ok same happened with me plz give me answer

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