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Can anyone recommend maternity bras and when to buy them?

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Hi all, I'm 13 weeks and my bras are starting to feel tight and uncomfortable. I feel it's too early to know what maternity bra I'm supposed to buy but feel like I need to get something soon or I'm going to be very uncomfortable. Can anyone recommend where to buy maternity bras and any advice on what style is best?

Many thanks

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Patpat is best and cheap. You can try if they deliver to your location

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Thanks I've never even heard of it!

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Super comfortable

This is what i got and cheap as well very comfortable, no wires

I used mothercare when they were open but can also vouch for the primark parenthood/maternity range - I personally went for something that was soft and had no underwire, like a T-shirt style bra or like a sports bra type also works☺️

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I was also looking for maternity bras when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I'm using Medela maternity bra (bought on Amazon, sorry), and since then I feel comfortable and haven't felt any discomfort or pain so far!

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Thanks I'll look on Amazon!

You only need to buy a non wired bra at this stage. I would only buy maternity/ nursing bras with a couple of weeks to go as you’re likely to continue growing and will waste money on maternity bras. I bought mine in M&S and Newlook I think.

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Thank you for the advice! Yes I agree and to be honest I think it's the underwire that's causing me problems at the moment. I feel like I need to get a fitting but aware my size will keep changing. And don't know if M&S are doing fittings since covid. I looked online and it looks like they're doing online idea how that works 😂

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Yeah it’s best to get a fitting. I work in M&S and they are definitely doing fittings again and you should be able to book in online. I know some stores have suspended them due to stock levels but most should be offering them 😊 John Lewis do fittings too if you have one nearby.

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Fab, thank you!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and was in a similar situation to you at around 12 weeks. It was the underwire that was causing me discomfort and I didn't want to get new bras as I wasn't sure if they'll fit later in pregnancy. As such, I took the underwire off my current bras (made an incision about 1 cm away from the far tip of the wire so I can re-insert them post-pregnancy). Now at 28 weeks, I still use these bras, except I had to get a bra extender which has worked out well for me. I intend to get nursing bras closer to my due date as by then I should have a good idea of my bra size. Enjoy your pregnancy, it's a wonderful journey x

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Great idea, thank you!

I got a set from MandS - maternity/nursing. They cover quite a broad range of sizes as aren't 'cupped' per say so would see you through your entire journey. My son is 18 months and I still wear them every day. Don't think I'll ever go back to a wired bra.

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Thank you!

Hello! I found the brand Amourri on Amazon is really comfy and fits well. Other than that, Seraphine is my go-to brand and I love their maternity/nursing bra multi-pack. You may also want to check H&M, they do some decent maternity wear. Their bras were good value and fitted ok although not as good for larger sizes I think.

Thanks very much!

I got some non-wired ones from Primark and then the Medela from Amazon. After I'd been nursing for a while I ordered a couple from Boob, who also do really good nursing tops; they are pricey but have great sales from time to time, mine were 70% off and great quality.

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