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Waters breaking at 30 weeks (PPROM) - twins

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Never out of the woods with this "journey"! Ugh, can't sit back and relax for one moment and think it's all safe.

On Wednesday my waters broke. Quite a bit earlier than expected! Called the maternity assessment centre who checked me over and confirmed my waters had broke and my cervix was open 1cm, and admitted me to the labour ward. :(

Luckily have had no other signs of labour (apart from minor "uterine activity"), but they have been monitoring the twins since then and I am still in hospital in the antenatal ward now. Main risks are infection and, of course, very premature birth. They have said that if I go in to labour they won't stop it, so just have to hope they hang on in there a bit longer and also don't get an infection. As - if they get an infection, then they will definitely have to be dragged out.

Have had the steroid injections to help the babies' lungs, magnesium sulphate to protect their brains, and antibiotics to help ward off infection.

Just going to be on bed rest now until they come. Yay..... won't be doing that maternity photo shoot I had planned! And really need to ramp up getting everything ready as it is looking a lot less likely they will make it to the 37 week mark when they were scheduled to be coming out.

Lots of love


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Big cuddles and lots of positive vibes to you and the bubbas!!! can't wait to have a peak once there fully cooked!! Keep that oven on high baby girl!!! XXX

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Thanks! All the focus is on them! Doing everything I can. x

Sending you the biggest hugs and hope those little ones stay in there for a bit longer for you! You’ve got this ♥️ Looking forward to happy and safe arrival news in the future xxx

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Thanks. They're very happy at the moment, so hoping they want to stay in longer. xxx

Ahhh, you poor thing. I know exactly how your feeling right now, my waters broke at 27 weeks and gave birth at 28+3.Good news about the steroids as they really do help.

Hang in there, your in the best place. Hopefully they will keep you in and monitor you for a while and praying that your little bubba’s stay put a little while longer. Take each day as it comes.

Happy for you to PM me if you want to ask any questions or just need to vent! Keeping everything crossed for you and sending lots of love and positive vibes your way xx

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Thanks Jen. Just been reading your story. We have some similarities (unfortunately - not things I would wish on people), although I am sorry to hear the hard hard time you have been through. It is awesome to hear how well your little Ollie is doing and I hope I can say how well my little ones are doing in a few months too! You have made me mindful that when/if I leave hospital for outpatient monitoring, we need to get everything ready pronto for babies' imminent arrival as we just don't know when they're going to come! Hospital bags by the door!

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Jenjen84 in reply to ttcemmie

It was definitely a rocky start but I wouldn’t have changed any of it! Ollie is now a normal 18 month old charging around the place. I’m sure your little ones will be too 🥰

Definitely get hospital bag ready and the only advice I would give you is make sure there is a plan in place for when your discharged and go with your gut when your home. Do not be afraid to question the Drs and if something doesn’t feel right, go straight back to L&D. I started to lose my mucus plug on my last day in hospital, 4 days after waters breaking and then Ollie came 2 days later, I think this was a big clue for me that he was in fact not going to wait.

Wishing you all the best. One thing I learnt very quickly is these babies are very resilient (probably more so than us adults!!) and 30 weeks is a good gestation, obviously the longer the better though. Take care and as I said before, just shout if needed. Xx

Awww sending big hugs to you and hope they stay in there for a good while longer. Great to be in hospital for monitoring for now and then hopefully you can get home and put your feet up for a while before their arrival.

Take care and keep us posted xx

You just stay put there for a while longer you little trouble makers!! Not good scaring Mummy like that. Fingers crossed for you and the little ones hanging on in there as long as possible. Big hugs xxx

Thinking of you and the wee ones 🤗 you are in the best place and everything that can be done has been! I know a few sets of twins born around this time that have gone on to be care free healthy kids. Cheeky monkeys you have in there causing all this worry already, take care lovely and plenty rest ☺️ Xxx

My waters broke out the blue at 32 weeks and I had the steroid injections etc. I was in hospital and on the 3rd day they were going to send me home, I packed my bag and just as I was waiting for to be discharged my contractions came and I went into labour! My son was born at 3lb11oz and he had sepsis, jaundice, a punctured lung and was covered in bruising because of forceps delivery. He was in special care for a month before we were allowed to go home and now he's 20 months old and has hit all his milestones and is perfect in every way! It was so scary so I know how you feel! Fingers crossed all goes well for you xxx

10 weeks prem is not a worry these days my 4.5 months in NICU taught me high survival rate from 28 weeks plus especially with intervention such as steroids. You and your twins will be fine.

I’m sorry you’re going through this!! Infertility screws with our heads enough as it is, I was worried throughout my entire pregnancy. Best of luck to you & those babes ❤️ Can’t wait to see them

Sorry to hear this, hope they stay put for a while longer. I’m sure even if you do go into labour they will both be fine ❤️

I also experienced pprom but at 34 weeks. I delivered at 34+6, but that was because the country I delivered in doesn’t allow you to go home with pprom until after delivery.

Keep us updated. Thinking of you!

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