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All day nausea, am I alone?!



I just wanted someone to tell me I’m not going crazy. I had really bad morning sickness with my first pregnancy to the point I was hospitalised on a drip. This time I haven’t been sick but I have constant nausea, all day. The thought of any food, any drink, anything gives me a lump in my throat and makes me want to vomit everywhere. Even the thought of going to lie in my bed makes me feel sick because I know no matter what I do I am getting no relief.

It’s getting me upset because my 15month old has no clue at all but I feel I can’t do as much as before and with lockdown I don’t have as much help as I used to. The thought of getting up and parenting makes me want to be sick because I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the day feeling so so sick. That hurts my heart to even say because I love my boy with all my heart and wish I didn’t feel so sick so we could do normal things😭!

I know it’ll pass, it’s just getting no relief from it that is getting to me so much!



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Mine isn't all day, but definitely all evening, I spend all day dreaming about dinner and then when it's dinner time feel so sick I don't enjoy it.I'm only 10 weeks and just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes so can't even eat any fun stuff when I feel well enough to.

My 18 month old must think I'm awful too because all I want to do is sit still or snooze.

I feel your pain xx

Materialbarbie in reply to Seb9

Aw bless you! Mine started to be evening sickness and that’s the worst isn’t it because you want your tea and bed but feel so rough! Glad we aren’t alone in this! I’m sure our babes don’t know any different but I think I feel much worse because of lockdown we can’t even go to soft play anyway so now I just want to sit down all the time it’s really not fun lol.Aw no way!! Are you on medication for it? They’ve said I’ll need an early glucose test because my bmi is just on the high line this pregnancy 😭. I’m only just 6/7 weeks and this sickness has hit me like a truck! Blessed and I know it’ll pass but it’s tough isn’t it?! Xx

Seb9 in reply to Materialbarbie

I've just started on Metformin to help control my blood sugar. I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy so I was expecting it but thought I might have a few for weeks of being able to eat cake 😂The worst thing about Metformin is that a side effect can be nausea and sickness, so I'm hoping I don't have any extra sickness because of the tablets 😭

Hope we are all feeling better soon 😁

I am in the same situation. Feel nauseous all day long and now I have started to vomit. Got a 14 month old and I feel so down that I don't do much with her like I use to. I just feel like the nausea is taking all the energy from me and any movment will make me vomit. And you are right, it will pass but the mum guilt makes it worse. Hope we all feel better sooner than later xx

Aw Thankyou so much! Same to you too! It’s so tough isn’t it! I can tell the vomiting is on route for me, I’ve been so close to being sick it’s crazy! We will get there and get through it but it’s super tough and we need to not be so hard on ourselves. Our little ones probably don’t notice anything different but to us and our hormones I think that just vamps everything up doesn’t it so it makes us feel worse?! Xx

My nausea is all day plus throwing up 3-7 times and I feel awful! I'm so sorry you're feeling so horrible, especially if you're looking after a little one too. You must be exhausted.

I'm 9 weeks into my first pregnancy (after three early losses) so I'm trying to remember it's a good sign and I'm lucky to get this far.

I've tried all the ginger biscuits etc but the only thing helping a tiny bit is toast and sucking a hard boiled sweet. Obviously I can't have too many sweets!

You are not going mad and you're not alone :) We’ve booked an early scan to cheer me up and remind me it's all worth it in the end.

Hoping you feel better really soon.

Emma x

Aw bless you, I had the vomiting so many times a day with my first and omg it’s hardcore isn’t it. I know I’m lucky in a way I don’t have that but I feel like it’s deffo coming! I totally get that I keep saying I’m lucky and I know it’ll pass and it’s a great sign to feel so rubbish but it really does take it out of you doesn’t it!

Thankyou so much, I hope you feel better soon! X

Thank you, we can do this!!! Xx

I am so sorry you are going through this, nausea can be really debilitating for you day to day life..the impact this has on your mental health is huge as you feel helpless and alone, at least that is what i felt... I had (have) bad all-day nausea since I was 6 weeks, specially in relation to smells like any smell really, even taking a shower was difficult because of the smell of shampoo and soap, deodorant.. etc. After some begging my GP prescribed me prochlorperazine maleate which I have been taking 3 times a day since week 8 (I am not 20 weeks), it has helped massively with the nausea and sickness, I don't gag at every smell and can enjoy food again, but it didn't completely go away as every so often I am still sick or gag. Every time I feel a bout of nausea coming I take really long and slow deep breaths which makes it go away and also calms myself down. I have also started drinking 1.5L water a day and felt much better ever since. A friend recommended drinking caffein free coke for nausea which I tried for a whole week somehow I felt quite well during that week, but I stopped as generally I don't drink sugary drinks and did not want to get hooked up on it.

Hope you feel better soon and all I can recommend is that you talk to your GP as they are the only ones that can prescribe anything, tell them how this is impacting your life and hopefully you can take some antiemetics to feel better. Best of luck.

Omg yes I feel so alone! Honestly my family and husband are so supportive and always there to help me but my mum guilt kicks in really bad and I just feel like I can’t ask for help because I don’t want to seem like a bad mum to my little boy?! He’s so amazing and I just feel so bad I can’t do a lot with him atm. I’m going to ring the gp Monday and ask them about tablets and what they would recommend! I was hospitalised last pregnancy from nausea and vomiting and I really don’t ant that to happen again! Thankyou so much for your message x

You're not alone, I had morning sickness but with actual vomiting 4 times a day for 16 weeks and lost weight in pregnancy than gain. Smell of food + thought triggered it off. However I found the nausea far worse then the actual vomiting. Through trial and error this is what I found helped. 1. Drink warm water + lemon 🍋 small sips only

2. Tea + grated ginger

3. Small sips of water

4. Ginger sweets to suck on

Good luck and hope you get through it

Thankyou so much for your message. That sounds just like me with my first! I didn’t have the constant nausea just was sick a lot and I lost weight too at the beginning! I’ve been looking on Amazon at ginger lollies so I’ll order some and hopefully they’ll help!

Good luck.& you're welcome

Hi Emma, i am in week 38 now and had the exact same nauseousness for almost 3 months straight. I couldn't sit, lay down, stand, walk, do anything that would have made it better. It seems there were things that made it worse though and believe it or not it was NOT eating! So I forced myself to have plain pasta with tomatoe sauce and salt and pepper or sth plain like that. It also gave some relieve to suck on a lemon and drink fizzy drinks. I never drink coke but somehow that helped! All I can say is that it will get better eventually, eventhough the time now seems never ending! It is my first pregnancy and I felt very low one energy eventhough I did not have another kid to take care of. So I am sorry you have extra weight on your shoulders. Maybe you can explain to your son that mommy isnt feeling well because she has a lot on her hands with growing his little sibling! And you can talk with him about the pregnancy and involve him. Kids are more clever than we think and if he udnerstands that you can only take things slow it will helpmyou just by reducing your expectations for yourself! much love, illy

Aw how exciting you are almost at the end! Bet you can’t wait to meet baby! Thankyou so much for your lovely message! I feel exactly that no matter what I do I feel nauseous so the thought of doing anything makes me feel ill! Fizzy drinks have been helping but I’m trying not to become to reliant on them with the sugar etc but it’s so hard when they do give you some relief! I’m lucky my husband and family are so helpful and supportive but I think I just put too much on myself because I feel guilty if I ask for help?! Wishing you lots of love 💗

Hi Emma,

You’re not crazy! So sorry to hear how you’ve been feeling. Although I must admit reading this (and the comments below) have given me some comfort as I’ve been suffering from really bad all day nausea as well! I’m lucky that it’s my first pregnancy and I’m not having the added pressure of looking after other children, but it certainly doesn’t feel great.

I’m about 10 weeks pregnant and the nausea has been non stop for about 4 weeks. I’ve tried everything, wrist bands, eating smaller quantities, ginger tea/water, sucking on mint sweets, etc. Nothing has helped, and like you, lying in bed doesn’t help either! I’m trying to focus and look alive during video calls for work 8 hours a day but that’s been a real struggle. My GP ended up prescribing me with something called cyclizine which I can take when I feel the nausea coming on, but I’ve reluctantly only taken a handful of these (as I’m irrationally anxious about taking meds whilst pregnant - even when they have said it’s safe!). I did find they eased the nausea though. It might be worth contacting your GP to ask what they suggest?

Randomly, I did try ginger ale today and found that actually did help, but I know it’s different for everyone.

Must caveat that I’m extremely grateful for being blessed with a little one, so sorry for the long moan! I think the guilt of whinging about it doesn’t help matters, but there you go.

Hope you feel better soon!

Fellow nausea buddy

Aw that is so lovely to read, not great we are in the same rubbish situation with nausea but we are deffo blessed! I had such bad sickness with my first but not nausea this bad, it was so much easier with him as I didn’t have to worry about anything or anyone and now he’s my priority I just feel so much more pressure even tho my family and husband are so supportive! I’m going to ring the gp and ask as I was on cyclizine last time and it helped so much! I was in it until he was born because everytime i tried to come off of it the sickness would come right back again and I ended up on a drip with it around 9 weeks!

We will get there❤️, hope you feel better soon too! X

I had all day nausea for first trimester. I had a very healthy diet but as soon as I was pregnant I couldn't even look at fruit or veg. What worked for me was to eat little and often. I mostly survived on beige foods toast/crackers/plain pasta. I kept a box of crackers next to my bed and would eat a couple in morning before I got up. I also drank peppermint tea throughout the day although no more than 4 cups. The nausea passed after 14 weeks thankfully. Hope you feel better soon x

Thankyou so much!! I’ve found plain foods are working way better, hubby keeps joking about me needing more vegs haha. Honestly my family and hubby are super supportive but I just feel so much guilt asking for any help which might seem silly! I guess it’s just the mum guilt! I’ll try peppermint tea too as I’ve not tried that! Thankyou so much! X

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