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Baby movment

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I am just over 21 weeks with my first baby which i have just found out is a baby girl, i havent felt her move yet is this normal as i'm unsure and dont know weather i should be worried or not.

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I didnt feel my baby for a quite a long tine but had anterior placenta. I think it was 24th week when it started. Sometimes the movement is there but is so subtle that we dont realise what we feel!

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Walker1992 in reply to Buisquits

Thank you this helps as i'm unsure what to expect with it being my first x

Hi there, I’m also 21 weeks with a baby girl and I have felt very very faint movements which come and go. Some days I feel her but some days I feel nothing. I also have an anterior placenta. But apparently it is normal as the baby is still small and there is still enough room in the uterus for baby to move without you always feeling it. My dr and midwife both said you should start feeling more from 24 weeks but counting movements really starts at 28 weeks! So not to worry x

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Walker1992 in reply to Mrs_MT

Thank you this has really helped i think with it being my first and not know what to expect makes you a little more anxious x

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It’s my first too! I was freaking out when other mums started talking about how they could feel movements when I felt nothing. But she’s def in there and moving around on scan, just too tiny and punching air rather than my belly lol

If you’re worried about babies movement ALWAYS ALWAYS ring the maternity day unit and they will be more than happy to check you over. It might be simply too soon for you yet if your placenta is in a certain position etc but please go get checked out xx

I had worries throughout my whole pregnancy about everything as he was my first. I would agree with Bailey135 if you have any worries then call your maternity unit/midwife however it works under your nhs trust as in the time you spend worrying you could have it cleared up. Don’t be worried about going to the hospital to be checked. I was in and out of the maternity unit with reduced movement and each time it was ok but you must call with any worries. Plus it can be light movements at first, people call it flutters - I thought it felt like gas bubbling through me xx

I first felt movement about 18 weeks it felt like bubbles popping. Then I felt her moving a lot, one day I felt no movement I did what I could to get her to move had no success I rang triage they checked me out saying she's fine they could hear on the monitor that she was moving around I couldn't feel it.After going in a lot with reduced movement? I was probably around 30 weeks pregnant when they said to me the placenta was at the front and that's why I was not feeling as much movement. I felt so relived knowing she was doing well but I was a bit annoyed that the sonographer never mentioned that the placenta was at the front, had I known that I would not have panicked as much.

She is now 11 days old and a wriggler making up for all the times I couldn't feel her moving.


I didn't find kicking felt how I thought it would, especially in the early days.It felt like bubbles or popcorn popping rather than kicking.

Then it became more like defined movement and then when she was really squished in at nearly full term it was more like pushing against your belly and bits sticking out at various parts. Her bum was up in my left rib for ages and it was so uncomfortable

I’m exactly the same timeframe, 22 weeks tomorrow 😊 literally JUST started feeling movements - like popping... took a few days to realise what it was. When I went for my scan at 20wks+3days I hadn’t felt anything. It’s started since I turned 21 weeks. It’ll happen!! I was saying exactly the same as you a week ago 😀

I also have an aneterior placenta


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