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when do you get your MATB1 form?

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I have had my 20 week scan where I only saw the sonographer and I haven’t had a proper midwife appointment since my dating scan, I only had a brief phone call (where she rang on a withheld number) at 16w. I don’t have a midwife appointment till 25w but my work says I need my MATB1 form before 25w so that they can register me for maternity pay. I know people will say ‘call your midwife’ but I’ve barely spoken to one and I definitely don’t have a direct number for her, I’m not sure what I should do. How/ when did other people get theirs?

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I’m sure it says in your file you get your matb1 at your 25w app I think as long as they know your pregnant before 25w that should be fine

If you ring your dr surgery they will have your midwifes number

Copied from gov.uk

Proof you’re pregnant

You need to give your employer proof of the pregnancy to get SMP. You do not need it for maternity leave.

Within 21 days of your SMP start date (or as soon as possible if the baby’s born early) give your employer either:

a letter from your doctor or midwife

your MATB1 certificate - doctors and midwives will give you this no more than 20 weeks before the due date

You will not get SMP if you do not give your employer proof that the baby is due.

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Thanks for all the info, I’m going to ring my GP and see what they say and if they can give me a number for the midwife. If they are going to give it to me at the 25wk appointment then I guess I can give it in to work as soon as I get it. I’m planning on taking 2 weeks leave and starting my Maternity leave after the baby is born, and even then they give you 6 weeks full pay so SMP doesn’t start till the baby is 6wks old so I think that’s plenty of time for them to sort it out.

In your yellow folder it will have your local community midwives team number. Just call that number and ask for it and they will put it in the post

i didnt get seen until i was 28 weeks, i got mine then. your work needs to realise there’s a pandemic and pregnancy isn’t the same. my work gave me grief that i didnt get it until 28 weeks..

I was told not until after 24 weeks x

I got mine at my 28 week appointment. There should be a sticker on the front of your notes with all the numbers you might need. My midwife is the top number on mine.

Thanks for all your replies. I contacted my midwife team and they told me I can’t get it till after 24 weeks now so I just have to wait till my 25wk appointment, and work will just have to wait.

You can also get it from your GP, that’s what I did.

I had my 20week scan this week and only saw the midwide after because i had the whooping cough vaccine. I then asked for the MAT 1B from then but it wasnt something that was going to be mentioned to me! Luckily it was on my radar to get one!

I had my 16week appointment yesterday and my midwife told me to get my form at my 20 week scan. I’m sure your work can wait till 25 weeks if you haven’t got one, they shouldn’t be stressing you out! Xx

In my previous pregnancies I have had it at a 20 week appointment but with the pandemic I didn't get my appointment till 26 weeks. I just handed in my maternity notification forms at work (your manager or HR dept should provide these with a copy of the company maternity policy) stating the MATB1 form would follow when I got it and they were absolutely fine with that. They should also do a risk assessment with you asap and a meeting to discuss your plans re maternity leave, but you are not obliged to set any plans in stone.

Yeah I’ve had a meeting with the HR to discuss my maternity leave and done a risk assessment and all of that, they are just asking for the MATB1 now so that they can get on with things but they’ll have to wait if I can’t get it till 25 weeks.

My midwife told me I wouldn’t get one till 28 weeks because you don’t get so many face to face appointments during this pandemic x

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