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Polyhydramnios at 34 weeks- scared to death


Hi, I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios at 34weeks, scared of the implications it may have on baby and me. Anyone who experienced the same thing?

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If you do a search for Polyhydramnios on here there's lots of people asking about it and comments from people who have had it. Just in case you don't get a lot of replies to your directly xx

Hi. Yes I was diagnosed with it. I had extra scans and they told me daughter was big as well. She was born healthy with no issues and exactly average weight for a girl. She is now 8 months old with no issues. It's worrying at the time but I would say yes to extra scans to put your mind at rest, and try not to worry if the mid wife doctor is not concerned.

Please don’t worry at all. The doctors seem to get worried as is can be caused by GD but it can just be that your baby changes position and made all the water go in one pool which makes it appear bigger. I was diagnosed with poly much earlier in pregnancy and was told I had a big baby but my little girl was born perfectly 8.3 lbs at 39 weeks. From what I could fathom from doctors was that it doesn’t really do anything and it’s nothing to worry about unless your poly becomes moderate to severe bear your due date as if your waters break it can cause the cord to come out which is rare but an emergency. Honestly don’t stress :) enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine xxx

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