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Anyone else measured at 5th percentile for femur with too much amniotic fluid?

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34w1D (first baby) and have been told today that our baby boy is measuring 5th percentile for his femur and that there is a little too much amniotic fluid. They want to test again for gestational diabetes even though I got a negative result at 28 weeks.. I also got clear results for the chromosomal abnormalities/anomaly scan as well.. however I am concerned something is really wrong as his head circumference seems fine (69th percentile) so he doesn’t seem to be growing in proportion.?! I am a super anxious person and really need to stop overthinking but would love to know if anyone else has been through this as well and what your results showed?

(I am an Aussie living in the UK and am not surrounded by my family or friends and feel so bad putting this all on my partner - he is great but I must be stressing him out too!) thanks in advance x

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Hey, I don’t have any advice or experience of this but I didn’t want to read and run. Hopefully someone replies who can help! It’s really positive you got clear results from your anomaly scan. I know sometimes the growth scans and measurements can be wrong and cause unnecessary worry. Thinking about you and hope someone else can help ease your concerns xx

5th percentile is still within the normal range, is doesn't mean your babies legs are not the right size only that out of a hundred babies 5 will have a smaller leg and 95 till have a longer legs. These scans also have a lot of room for error too. My baby was scanned and throughout my pregnancy her head was always in the bottom of the percentiles and her legs always at the top, which I found odd as neither me or her father are particularly tall. I had extra scans due to gestational diabetes and at my last scan they estimated she'd be 7lb 4oz and then she was born she was 6lb 1oz,so they were way out. The scans are fantastic but they are always that accurate, they're trying to measure this wriggly creature on a belly full of water.

What was is really good is that they're checking up on you, if you have too much amniotic fluid, they can monitor your and it's not always something that gives you any problems, especially if they're managing it.

If you do have gestational diabetes this time on your test, they'll put in place ways for you to monitor your blood and help you with your diet to manage it. They might also give you tablets or insulin to control it too but you'll have a specialist consultant and obstetrician look after you for that and special diabetes nurses too.

It's never easy not to worry, we only go through a few pregnancies in our lifetime, but our midwives and doctors see thousands every year, they can help with so many issues and problems and they are good at spotting problems before they become issues.

If you're worried though talk to your midwife, she might be able to give you some reassurance too.

Best of luck xx

I was told this at about 31weeks. Ended up having 2-3 weekly scans till the end as baby was on 10centile with a short femur. They had struggled to get a good measurement on certain days other were ok. My "small" baby was born at 8lbs 6 with very normal looking legs. He was wearing 3-6months clothes before he turned 2 months. Point is they don't always get things right on scans so try not worry too much of you can. (I know easier said than done).

Baby could be short, I'm only 4ft 11 so drs weren't supposed by my baby girl short femar scan. So could be something or nothing.

Hello, I had extra amniotic fluid which I was told is due to my baby being bigger. I had extra growth scans. My daughters femur looked quite big in her scans and she always measured a week older than she was. I didn't have gestational diabetes. She was born a nice healthy 8lb 6oz. So not huge by any means, she does have bigger head we say she's got more brains. It doesn't look out of proportion though. Good luck for the next few weeks. Try and talk to your midwife or doctor if your concerned. I found my midwife very helpful with any worries I had.

I had this exactly, when she came out her legs weren’t little at all! Our girl was under 5th % from 30 weeks onwards.Midwives at the hospital said to me they aren’t worried if the weight percentile is good.

Thank you everyone for all your support, kind words and relatable stories! I had a call with a midwife who specialises in bone growth in babies yesterday who has put my mind at a bit more ease. They said my amniotic fluid isn’t too high and not too concerning for them but that they’d like me to do another GTT test to rule out gestational diabetes - she said the liquor fluctuates when baby wees/drinks in utero as well so it could just be that. She said she’s happy with his weight and that it might just be that he is going to be a shorty like me and his dad.I can’t thank you all enough for taking the time to read my worries and respond - it has helped me more than you’ll realise - especially when my head was spinning!

Legends xxxxx

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