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Elective C-Section

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Hello 😊

Finally had my consultation and it has been agreed that my elective c-section can go ahead, which I’m super happy about! So it’ll happen week commencing 14/12/20.

I’m a FTM so haven’t experienced any kind of birth before.

Obviously any form of surgery isn’t pleasant but can someone just assure me it’s not completely awful please? I’m most nervous about hearing them cutting me open and the tools etc. And the catheter (as never had one 😂)

Also, what’s the recovery process like please? I’m curvier (size 14-16) so I have a bit of an overhang so I’m nervous my wound will get infected!

Thanks 😊

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Hi I had an emergency c section but wouldn’t hesitate having one again.

I had a catheter inserted during labour so don’t remember that much but maybe different with it being elective but they could possibly insert whilst numb?

Also I took absolutely no notice of anything they did to be honest. I noticed some pulling getting baby out but that’s it.

Recovery for me was fine. I was in hospital for two days after due to possible sepsis in baby but once home I was up and about washing up etc (probably shouldn’t of been but I can’t just sit and do nothing 🤣). We went walking into town on day 5. I felt fine by day 13. The midwife made me remove my bandage on day 4 which I was worried about re infection but all was fine.

When I’m hospital take an extra pillow to put under your belly if you lie on your side as it feels like a water bed and pulls on the incision. Also peppermint oil to drink as you can be very windy and can be uncomfortable for your tummy.

Good luck! So exciting xx

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I don’t know why I’m so concerned about a catheter considering I’m about to be cut open 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

My cousin has a c-section and she said the best thing she did was get up and walk about as soon as she could! So I’ll definitely try and do that!

Will definitely also take a pillow! I need my comfy pillows 😂

Thank you xx

Hi I'm a FTM too and I had an emergency c section as baby was measuring small and was in distress during induction.

It was absolutely fine! I was amazed how easy it all was. You don't feel anything during and it's just a bit of a surreal experience really being in theatre with the bright lights and lots of doctors. I had morphine for pain relief in the days that followed so didn't experience any pain and after the first few days I just had paracetamol. The midwives will sort everything for you and get you up and moving again. I was so spaced out on the morphine and high of being a mummy that I have hardly any memory of the catheter. I feel like if I'd have known about it before I would have stressed about it but it was honestly all fine. It's six weeks later and I'm almost back to normal after not being able to lift anything heavy and bending being difficult.

Congratulations! You will be a mummy very soon

I’ve heard a few people say make sure to stay on top of pain relief, even if you don’t feel like you need it as you’ll regret it 😂 so I’ll do that!

I’m so used to do just doing everything around the house it’s going to be a huge shock when I can’t, huge shock to my partner as well haha.

Thank you xx

Just a heads up, if your thinking of having more children your section this time will be easy if you haven't had no major pelvic surgery, if you do have more children and have another section it could really not be as easy I'm speaking from experience the scar tissue you have after a section can be immense and cause lots of problems when having another section. I ended up with a bowel obstruction with hours left to save my life. I personally don't find surgery easy at all both mine were emergencies. Could be different for elective. No one ever mentions the impacts of scar tissue (not everyone gets issues coz of it) but I'm in daily pain struggle with stairs walking far and now I'm pregnant and its a lot of pain all their putting it down too is the adhesions stretching. I have to have another section this time it'll be elective but the fear in me if i carry to term is immense due to the adhesions causing problems for the surgeons. Right now im not confident ill carry to term i keep spotting and like i said the pain is really something else.. Haven't told you this to scare you just to make you aware, no one ever mentioned adhesions too me until they opened me up and was too scared to get rid of them in case they hit my bowel. One and half year later they did and it nearly cost my life. Hope things go smoothly for you. 😘💗

Thank you for letting me know! 😊 xx

Just make sure your wound can breathe, if you’re laying on the sofa just during the day let it air just so sweat can evaporate, lay on the bed in the absolute nuddy after a shower and let the wound dry out completely so no water stays in your tummy crease, not to scare you but I know someone that didn’t do this and they were a bigger girl and they had constant skin infections for months cos they didn’t take the healing process seriously, as long as you keep the wound clean and dry the rest of the time it should heal beautifully, best of luck! xx

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I can’t really talk to anyone about it because the people I do know that’s had them, have all been like size 6/8 so they don’t have this issue 😂

I do have a belly band, for just in cases!

I tend to be quite obsessive when it comes to wounds etc. As infection scares me so hopefully this will work in my favour!

Thank you xx

I had an emergency c-section, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It all happened very quickly and I didn't have time to get worked up about it. I didn't feel a thing, I got the anaesthetist to talk to me about something else so that I had something to focus on so that I didn't panic (baby had a serious medical issue so there were no guarantees what would happen when he was born - thankfully all OK now). All in all I found it to be a positive experience, and I recovered quite quickly. Hope all goes well for you x

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Fab thank you!

And so glad everything is okay for you and baby now xx

Hi there :) you have nothing to worry about! Just last Tuesday I had my twins by elective c-section and it was fine!!! Like you I have never been in hospital, never had an op so I was a little nervous.Didn't feel the spinal injection maybe a little pressure but that's it then once that's got to work your numb so do not feel a thing! again maybe a little pressure and tugging when they are getting the baby out but it doesn't hurt. Oh and the catheter is inserted once you're numb so you don't feel it. My scar is healing nicely and I was feeling good really quickly afterwards. They take the catheter out a few hours after surgery and again that was nothing, going for a wee for the first time was a little difficult but just try to relax.

I would 100% have a c-section again the whole thing felt safe and controlled, remember these people perform this op several times a day, you will be fine and have your baby in your arms soon x best of luck x

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I’ve had a tonsillectomy before but I don’t think that compares 😂

Ah so relieved it went ok! Luckily my partner can be there so he can chat crap in my ear to keep me occupied haha.

Thank you x

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Twins1120 in reply to Cornish131

My partner nearly fainted 😂 hope yours is ok x

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😂😂 I did say to mine are you going to have a sneak peak.. he responded absolutely not haha x

I've had an emergency and an elective section. The emergency one I was given so much anaesthetic that I didn't feel anything at all. I didn't even know the baby was out until they popped her over the curtain. With an emergency I didn't have time to worry but it was all over and I was on the recovery ward within 40 minutes. The catheter was fine, you don't even notice it. Just a bit uncomfortable when removed but I suppose it's a bit like pulling a tampon out and you might feel a bit sore when you pee and have a tiny bit of blood but other than that it's fine. I think I was more anxious with my elective just because you end up thinking about it more. It was more uncomfortable than the emergency, you can't feel any incisions or pain but when they push baby out it can be a bit uncomfortable, like you're being slightly squashed. I think they used slightly less anaesthetic. Both of mine used a spinal block so that can make you a bit shakey afterwards. You'll shiver and possibly feel itchy but it disappears after a few hours. The drugs also make you feel a bit sick but if you tell them they'll give you more antisickness drugs. My recovery with my first section took longer than my second. It's abit sore and achy and you feel hunched over for the first week or two but it's not majorly painful. I'm about a size 14 and my skin does overhang a bit at the moment but I'm currently trying to lose weight and tone up slowly as my 2nd daughter is only just 2 months old. I've had 2 sections in less than 2 years so I'll probably have more of an overhang than others but I wouldn't change it for anything. Good luck with your section. Remember to take it easy afterwards. Xx P.S. Also, drink peppermint tea, it really helps relieve the wind trapped in your belly after being opened up.

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Ah yes I have heard about the shakes and feeling sick etc. So I have packed some bits in my hospital bag just in case!

I’ve accepted I’ll always probably have a hang but I’ve never been one to have my belly out or wear bikinis etc. So it’s all worth it! Just hope it doesn’t delay the healing process 🤞🏻

Oooo I love peppermint tea anyway so that’s a nice relief! Xx

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As others have said, just keep it clean and get air to it. Remember to pat it dry rather than rub and you won't be able to have any baths for at least 8 weeks. You'll have to inject clexane for 6 weeks into your belly for 6 weeks afterwards to prevent blood clots. Use ice cubes on the injection site to numb it and reduce bruising. It's easy to do and only stings when you actually inject. I had ivf for my first daughter so became a bit of a pro at injecting myself. My first baby, I stayed in hospital for 4 days but with my 2nd I was out in 24 hours.

Oh bless you. Try not to worry. The majority of sections are fine. For me the spinal, catheter and wound healing were fine. I couldn't pass wind for 3 days which was more painful than the wound for sure.

Take music with you are ask them to play something you like to keep you relaxed. Big pants are needed afterwards. Movement is your friend. The quicker you're up and about the better so your wound doesnt contract too much. No heavy lifting though.

Good luck.

Hello, i had an emergency c section last Wednesday and you have nothing to worry about at all.

The surgery was quick and the catheter was bliss! No pain whatsoever and not having to get out of bed to wee is an amazing feeling!! Didn’t hurt either once it was removed 12 hours later.

Wishing you all the best xx

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