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Curious is anyone here 28+ weeks pregnant and still working do you have to shield


My work have invited me back I'm going into my 26th week of pregnancy I'm apprehensive as I've had all sorts under investigation heart palpitations before I got pregnant and seem to be worse pregnant and am being monitored for high blood pressure although they have been in normal range so far .work are adamant I've had too much time off as I was furloughed since March and I'm taking maternity 4th jan baby due 5th feb all handed in .but I'm just wondering if I should actually protest to be re furloughed and get a doctors note as I feel a bit uneasy going back with all these issues I've had I'm also BAME which can increase risk of catching Covid I work with the public and no other jobs can be done .

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I would if i was you. Im not as far as you in pregnancy plus i already work from home 'baking business' but id definitely get a note from dr and get re furloughed. Especially with the big up in cases situation. They want peeps working from home if possible anyway. Definitely speak with Gp hun 💗😘

Thanks hun I think I'm gunna try speak to my doctor tomorrow x

When I was pregnant I refused to go back to work after 20 weeks as I didn’t wanna risk anything. I also work with the public.

Have you spoke to your employer about going back? Maybe they will understand.

When pregnant you are classed as the vulnerable as your immune system isn’t the same.

What happened did you get sick pay ?I've spoke to them but basically they have put me on spot and said I've been off since March and need to start back just cause they've now made people redundant they're probably feeling the impact of less staff.they have said I need a doctors note now to go back in furlough they know I'm vulnerable but keep saying how I will have breaks etc and time to go off and wash my hands and use sanitiser they've really put me in a bad situation x

They just kept saying furlough has ended for me now and I won't get paid

They started my maternity early so I was furloughed in the beginning and then started maternity at 21 weeks. But once my maternity end it will be furlough again but at least it’s full wages while on maternity as furlough was only 60%. They also can’t make you redundant if you’re on maternity. It’s just something they could do when maternity ends. Have you got a union? They gave me so much advise

I don't think I have a union it's a very old fashioned company.I've never ran into an issue like this but all my risk assessment has question marks under it so I don't know how they are still saying to come back basically they have told me to speak to my doctor and if the doctor can write a letter they will consider refufurlough but till then I have to work they even made me take last week as holiday as they said furlough had ended just feel like I'm being pressured slightly but didn't want to use up my maternity or would have to go back early and it's already final for January I've got 8 weeks left

Because you are at risk I’m sure that your employer can’t make you go back to work. That’s what the furlough scheme is for, to help those who can’t work

That's what I thought originally but they made me sign stuff what says I know the risks being pregnant and they are not responsible for anything to happen to me.its my own fault I should have spoke up then but they kept ringing me telling me to come in do a risk assessment and come back to work even though I'm pregnant x

I would phone citizens advice and they can tell you what route you can take.

Going to the doctors will help and explain to your doctors that your employer is pushing you to go back.

I can’t imagine the stress this is giving you, it’s just not fair that you are going through this. You’ve got your child to think about. Another suggestion which could be more drastic is to take voluntary redundancy and just claim maternity until you can find another job

Yeah they offered voluntary redundancy but the pay worked out as 120 Quid for two years service which I thought was ridiculous so I didn't accept I'm going to ring the g.p and hope they can at least Do something it's given me a lot of stress because I have other issues going on with my health as well but they are just putting question marks next to it and telling me to get a note they don't sound like they care that much as lots of people have left they couldn't really fire me due to pregnancy

Wow that doesn’t sound right. I really hope you do get something sorted. I’m sorry I couldn’t help much. If doctors can’t help try citizens advice, because your shielding to protect yourself so you’re unable to work

I know apparently it's the governments redundancy scheme they use it's ridiculous I would have gone if it was a couple of grand but not a few Quid.

In your situation I'd def do everything to get furloughed I was pregnant all the way through first lockdown working in a care home but do what's best for you,

Afrohair in reply to Motgeroflt

Thanks ❤️

I'd speak to acas and citizen advise bureau. You should.also be asking for occupational health assessment from work. Your gp can not put you on furlough as that is a government scheme... They can give you a sick note if you're sick (technically you are not sick tho so they might refuse). I was working from home at 28weeks, however guidelines have changed since then and pregnant women are suggested to be in work throughout.

By all means speak to your gp, but you might not get the answer you're hoping for. You can start maternity at 29weeks in most places so that could be an option.

Afrohair in reply to roxannacar

Actually I am sick as suggested in the post I have spd and heart issues under investigation and 29 weeks is wrong I could start early like now but didn't want to dip into my maternity thanks though

roxannacar in reply to Afrohair

You would have to discuss with you GP. Not all SPD= unable to work, same with palpitations.

Beware that your mat. Leave will be calculated on a particular weeks salary, so.if you're on sick leave it might affect it. Also if you're on sick.leave at 36weeks you're mat. Leave will.automatically start then.

So useful info on

Afrohair in reply to roxannacar

Waiting for a call from my g.p as I thought sick leave would affect my maternity really thinking I should just try to work and if I really can't then tell my g.p just so worried as some customers where I work just don't listen to the rules either

The newest guidance is for only the extremely clinical vulnerable to shield which I think only includes pregnancy if you have severe heart problems. Vulnerble people are to strictly follow guidance but not formal shielding. Worth taking up but not sure how far you'll get.

SRA8 in reply to SRA8

I say this as someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable and have already recieved my shielding letter.

Afrohair in reply to SRA8

Hiya I think the issue is all my problems with my heart are under investigation that's why they can't say much at the minute I'm waiting for a phone call with my g.p for advise

Afrohair in reply to SRA8

I've had various tests thyroid liver function ecgs so that's why I'm so upset I will just be another number if anything happens to me

Just thought I'd update this post after fighting for a few weeks about hours maternity leave etc which they've said I'm now Not entitled As I was furloughed under a 6 hours contract or whatever way they worked it out When it was the calculation period. I'm now going back into furlough at 29 almost 30 weeks by time it starts it's my last shift tomorrow.upsetting to say I might not even be elegible to anything as I started up as 16 hours so looks like I won't even get ma as not paid into N.I .but hey ho life goes on I have my lovely partner for support who would just rather me be at home anyway but you know what us ladies are like wanting our independence I considered starting up my own business last year so that might even be my way forward on maternity Thankyou everyone for your kind support

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