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Anxiety tablets and 21 weeks pregnant?


Hi all,

Just wanted some advice please.

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my anxiety seems to be through the roof. My dr has prescribed me some medication 10mg of anxiety tablets but my concern is it says safe to take in pregnancy but it could cause problems with babies growth and defects,

Please can someone advice me on this? Is anyone taking tablets for anxiety and pregnant?

Thanks ❤️ xxxx

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If your doctor has prescribed it and the leaflet says its safe to take, then I would think it's fine. They wouldn't be able to say it was safe without lots of evidence to back that up.

Theres also a good website for looking up safe drugs in pregnancy that's recommended by the NHS

Hi faith, notification popped up on my emails. I was thinking about you the other week and wondering how you were getting on. I don't think the doc would prescribe if it caused any Ill effect on the baby. Personally I wouldn't take them though and would try more natural ways to try help with anxiety. I've noticed more anxiety within myself due to Covid, pregnancy and endo pains. Keep strong x

Faith103 in reply to Jad537

Doctor said they are not unsafe but they are saying more information needs to be addressed. How are you doing? xxxx I have looked at other ways which normally work but my pregnancy hormones seems to be causing bad anxiety

Jad537 in reply to Faith103

I'm ok, in constant pain, have my 12 week scan Thursday so fingers crossed and have a little bump now which is nice. And it's not nice having anxiety I never thought I would have it but I do :(

When I'm having a slight panic attack I breathe in 5 secs then out 7 and ground myself sitting down, either hold my legs or push my back against a solid surface a wall etc. Seems to have been working for me. May take a little while until my heart rhythm goes back to normal. When It happens when I'm out I just stop then remove myself from whereever I am and again just level my breathing xx


I took Citalopram all though my pregnancy for anxiety and was reassured by lots of different doctors, GPs and hospital doctors that this was safe and they see lots of women who take this in pregnancy. They even encouraged me to increase the dose when I got increased anxiety. Please don't listen to people who discourage you to take your medication. You need to be well to look after your baby. It's important to look after yourself. Pregnancy and looking after a baby is hard especially if you're suffering with anxiety so don't feel bad about looking after yourself. Unfortunately natural methods are not as effective as medication and may even be unsafe for the baby. You could try to get some other support as well as medication like through a well-being service if they have one in your area. The one I accessed was based on cognitive behaviour therapy and also included things like relaxation and breathing and tense relax exercises. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon x

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