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12 week scan


Can dads go into the 12 week scans now?

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A lot of hospitals are allowing for 12 week scans but best checking with your local Trust x

Best to ask your hospital as everywhere is different

I’m based in the north west and have been told in my letter that he can’t. When you get the letter through they should advise you if you have have to attend alone x

Winter_Girl in reply to Ladypii

It might be worth a call to double check that. My letter said to go to my 12 week scan alone (I'm in Leicester in a high risk area) but I'd seen an annoucement a few days earlier that the trust had changed the rules, so called them up and was told that my partner could attend. X

Ladypii in reply to Winter_Girl

Ohh thanks for the tip! I will definitely check xx

It depends on your local hospitals trust policy x

Ring up and check before you go. Mine was in the northwest and husband wasn't allowed in for any scan x

I believe each Trust is different. I’ve complained to PAL to see if they’ll change the rules but with cases increasing, it’s unlikely.

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