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Overdue worried of the big baby

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Hi, can you guys share your experience, I will be officially overdue tomorrow and it doesn’t seem that the baby is coming any time soon. I have a sweep booked for Wednesday and I am sure midwife will discuss induction etc. However all through my pregnancy I wanted to have natural water birth but now I am worry that the baby will be very big. If I go growth charts ( and I know those are not that accurate) the baby might be over 4 kg and this really worry me. My sister had a bigger baby and had very traumatic birth. Can you share your experience if you were overdue how big the baby was and how did you manage the delivery ?

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Both my babies were overdue. First was I was induced & she was 7lb 7. 2nd 10days over due, lovely water birth & he was 8lb 15 so quite a chunk!

How did you manage to labor bigger baby I am worried it will ‘destroy me’ lol

He was the easiest of the 2 I think, both long Labours though. My daughter left me with a 3rd degree tear that required theatre afterwards for stitches (not as dramatic as it sounds). With my son I had a 2nd degree tear that midwives sorted after delivery and everything has been fine & I don't feel particularly "destroyed" 😂 but number 3 due in March so I might be saying different after then lol

I have given birth 2x , both times with 2nd gld3gree tear (6lb1oz baby and 8lb baby)

And - sex is getting better and better (maybe I am the exception and not the rule, don't know as I never really spoke about this with my friends) 🙈

On all of my growth charts our daughter was measuring on the big side, the arc was steady and consistent. They told us she’d be about 8 and a half pounds, possibly 9lb. She was 7lb 6oz! xx

My second baby was 8 days past her due date she was 9lbs1 and I had a lovely water birth no problems at all & didn’t need stitches :)

I went to 41 weeks but she was only 3.4 kilos. Had a sweep at 40+1 and nothing happened and eventually had to be induced because of low levels of amniotic fluid. After 3 attempts and nothing happening I opted for a c section while BB was still comfortable rather than keep waiting and trying. These last days waiting seem longer than the rest of the pregnancy put together don't they!! Good luck xxx

My sister had a beautiful home water birth when she was overdue, baby weighed 10lbs. Your body is amazing, trust it, believe you can birth your baby and you will, believe you will need interventions and you will. X

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I'm sorry but that's rubbish, if a mothers body cannot deliver a baby and she needs help then there's no shame in that. A lot of women who end up needing help already feel inadequate enough without being told they just didn't "believe" enough. Positive thinking can only go so far, it didn't turn my baby round, un-tilt his head and make my cervix open.

I was a week overdue, the sweep did the trick. Our boy was 4,9 kg and I delivered in 3.5 hrs with no pain relief. 4 stitches, not too bad.

It was not fun but doable.

You can do it!

I was 11 days overdue and my baby was 3.7 kg, I had a natural birth and everything was fine. Believe in your body and stay positive, keep telling yourself you’ll have a wonderful birth. I had Accupunture after 2 failed sweeps and that seemed to do the trick. Good luck! :)

I went 10 days overdue with my little one, I got so worked up about having a difficult labour because she was huge that I chickened out of the water birth I'd planned and begged for epidural instead. Before I could get that, I gave birth to a 9lbs1oz chunk on the bed. Something I definitely could've done in the water!! Just stay positive, bigger babies are easier to push out apparently!!!

I don't have any advice here but I'm also getting close to my due date and starting to panic about having a huge baby. These comments have made me feel so much less afraid and I'll still try for a water birth... but come on babies... your mamas are getting impatient!

I cannot give a personal experience but my mum had 3 overdue and big babies (I was about 10lb 10oz) and she was fine, delivered 2 of us at home with just a midwife. My sister also went overdue with both her children, they were both in the 8/9lb range. Her first pooped inside and had to be monitored, but came out fine. Her second was a water birth and went very smoothly. Even my nan who is only 4'10" had 2 overdue babies, her first was nearly 10lb, but that was a forceps delivery, her second was about 9lb and came out unassisted.

I had a 9lb baby (long and slim) born on his due date by emergency C-section, my labour failed to progress because he was back to back with his head tilted to one side. But I'm sure I could have got him out just fine if he had been in the right position.

My first was overdue and I had to be induced, I was in labour for 12 hours and my LO weighted 8lbs 13 oz, but i survived! It is hard work but seeing your little one makes it worth it :)

UPDATE- the baby has finally arrived !!!! Natural birth with gas and water (although did not gave birth in the water) but if anyone ask me again god I would take any pain relief there is haha. The baby had his hands on his face and I was really struggling to push him fully out and end up with having a cut ( preferred that then risking tearing and after quite few attends I know it will won’t come out without a tear or cut). The baby was 8.1 lb (3.666 kg) so not the smallest but also not the biggest (as the growth chart would suggest) We are very happy and of course in love with his little soul

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Aw congratulations. Hope you recover quickly xx

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Congratulations! I ended up with a cut as well in order to get baby out safely but although it was really sore for a few weeks it healed really well and I wouldn’t even know I’d had it now.

I was also worried about big baby as he was right at the top of the charts throughout pregnancy but arrived on his due date (with induction) and was 8lb5 which wasn’t as huge as I expected! x

Congratulations hope you have a speedy recovery xx

Huge congratulations!! What a little monkey 😂 well done you, wishing you a fast recovery xx


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