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Big baby, growth scan number 2!

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Hi guys,

So I had my second growth scan yesterday as last time Baby was measuring quite big. I’m 33 weeks and baby was measuring 39 weeks!!! I’m freaking out! They sent me for an urgent glucose test today as a repeat even tho I had one at 27 weeks and was fine. Should get the results tomorrow🤞🏼, I’m so worried they didn’t really reassure me on what they would do going forward!

Baby boy is healthy and that’s the main thing I’m so glad but I just think not having a plan has set my anxiety off! Has anyone else experienced a baby measuring quite as big as this before?!

Thanks xxx

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Yes my 1st was measuring big, like you I had 2 GGT both were fine, I was having growth scans from 28weeks, I was consultant lead. My last scan was at 36+5 estimate weight 8lb 1, midwifes and consultants said I was carrying a large baby looking at 10-12lb. I was told there and then, they a c section was the safest delivery.

I was so upset, but baby could of got stuck or me tearing badly or high chances of a emergency section.

I was booked in for c section at 39+5 baby weighing 8lb8 so no where near a large baby. They were correct with the measurements of LG’s tummy though, as that was quite round.

Growth scans can either be spot on or way out. But do what you think is safest for you and baby x

Omg it feels so nice to know that someone else has been through something similar! I just want whatever is safest but I think it’s the lack of communication that has me so worried! I just want to know a bit more but one midwife just brushed off his size yesterday as if it was nothing and it’s clearly something! It’s around his tummy that is measuring really big, his head and leg are only slightly measuring ahead compared!

How was your section? I’m petrified of needing one, like I say whatever is safest I’ll do for baby and me but my mum had two traumatic c sections so I think hearing about them just makes me panic x

That was the same with our LG, her tummy. A planned c section is much better than an emergency one.

Mine was absolutely fine, the day went really smooth, everyone who was in the theatre room was so chilled, you wouldn’t of known I was about too have a serious operation.

If I was to have anymore children and had to have a c section, then I would be fine with it (even though I really wanted too give birth naturally, I know it sounds weird, but I really wanted to know what labour felt like.

But me and baby were in the safest hands and if I did say no to c section I would of been induced and I would of been panicking about my baby, so I’m so happy I choose the c section.

So how have they left you? Are you seeing a consultant? What’s I estimate weight of your little baby x

Omg that’s amazing so glad it went smoothly for you! I suppose when it’s planned they have everything in place! I’d much rather have that than be rushed for an emergency one!

How olds your little one now? And omg no I totally get what you mean, I want to experience my waters breaking and going into labour naturally but I’m also fine with whatever is safest just always been a bit petrified of a c section.

I had my urgent glucose test today for diabetes again even tho was fine last time then just said if I don’t hear back I have a review in a week with the midwife and 3 weeks with doctor and another growth scan but yesterday he was already measuring 6 pound at 33 weeks! So I feel like I’ve just been left in limbo a bit with it all. Not really been reassured or anything just told he’s very healthy as he’s big but they don’t know why he’s big and just see how I get on! I’ve been having early contractions since 28 weeks too so that has me nervous also! Xx

It was such an amazing experience, it’s just afterwards which was difficult, but I just rested and took my time with everything, I healed nicely and quickly.

My little girl is 6 months now, gone so fast, I wish there was a slow down button.

At 32+3 my little girls estimate weight was 5lb 3. I hope you have more answers with the review, might be worth if you would be induced or c section, you want some sort of idea.

But try not to worry yourself, your growing a very healthy baby xx

Yeah I bet the recovery isn’t nice but I’m glad you managed to have a speedy one! Hopefully if I have one I’ll have the same🤞🏼!

Thanks so much for you lovely words! No phone call today to say I have diabetes and they said no news is good news! Still not helpful on the big baby front haha xxx

Oh bless you hun, not surprised you’re worried - glad they’re following up with investigations! One thing I will say is that scans can be pretty inaccurate and I know a number of people who were induced early for a suspected v large baby, only to have a 6lb baby. It’s really hard to know for certain. Hope your bloods are ok. I’m 33+4, so really close to you xx

I’m happy they are following everything up I’m just so anxious about it and the lack of communication! I know that’s it, I know there can be times where they get it wrong with size so I can understand them not wanting to induce too soon but I just would rather have a plan in place for him and my piece of mind! Will keep you updated with my blood results!

Ahh we are so close I’m 33+2! How are you getting on? Xx

I totally get why you’d feel that way - I’d be worried too. Mine is measuring slightly under if anything but I joke with my hubby that really for all we know there could be a big one brewing after what’s happened with my friends! 😂🙈

Overall pregnancies going well thank you - loving every minute of it. Harder on the body than I’d expected but obvs so so grateful to experience this special time 🥰

How’s your preg going aside from the baby size worries? Yep - keep me updated on your bloods 🤞 xxx

Aww least you know you’re in for a little cutie! I’m worried about him coming out looking like a toddler🤣🙈. Glad you’ve had a lovely pregnancy, it’s so much harder than I ever expected on our bodies too! I’ve not had the best with really bad sickness the whole way through, problems with my kidneys and early contractions and now him being a chunk but honestly wouldn’t change it for the world! He’ll so be worth it! Love every kick and prod I get🥰.

Not heard from the hospital and they said no news is good news🎉 so hopefully this is a good thing for diabetes just still doesn’t explain him being so large! Xxx

I hope the tests results were good hun! Apologies for being off the radar - juggling too many things at the mo bit quieter times are coming with mat leave approaching! 😆

Yeah I hope mine lives up to it’s scan measurements - but we’ll find out soon enough lol. My friend was told to expect a small baby - and gave birth to a 10lb3 baby - so I really do have little faith in scan measurements! 🙈 xx

Still no news so deffo no diabetes! Have a midwife app on Friday and then consultant app and another scan in 2 weeks then we shall see what’s going to happen! Altho I’m not sure if I’ll make it another two weeks with the cramps I’ve been getting😩!

Hope your mat leave starts soon so you can get your feet up before baby arrives! Xxx

That’s good news for you and bubba! Hope your upcoming appointments go well and the next scan is more reassuring 🙏 😃

Last working day Friday 🙌 Are you off soon? Xxx

My little boy was measuring big and like you I had 2 GTT both fine. I was induced at 37+5 due to anxiety not his size but ended up having a c section. He was 8lb 11 and they said I probably never would of laboured due to this.

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Ahh I didn’t realise they could induce due to anxiety?! Mine has been so bad since we found out how big he was, I’m just worried that they won’t take me seriously and let me go all the way then something go wrong and me have a bad experience! How did you find the section? They are doing a trial in my hospital where they induce you earlier to see the benefit for mum and baby xx

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I don’t know if it’s something that all hospitals do, I was consultant led and I think the fact he was a big baby and I’d had a few episodes of reduced movements helped. I found the c section alright, I think it being scheduled definitely helped, the worst bit for me was not being able to drive for 6 weeks but him being here safely was all that mattered x

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Yeah I know what you mean! I’m consultant led and have had a few anxiety flare ups which she knows about just more hoping baby is safe as I’ve had a few reduced movements too so had to be monitored and each time the machine has picked up my early contractions which set my anxiety off even more!

Glad your section was okay and I’m glad it helped you feel better! Next time I see a doctor I’m going to ask about my options and really push for answers because I totally feel left to worry! Thanks for you lovely words xxxx


I was told I was measuring big and got sent to have an emergency appointment with the main hospital to discuss it. They booked me in for an induction a week early. I was pleased with this though as I was so stressed something was going to go wrong with the pregnancy and it helped me to have an “official” end date. I did end up having a section but was due to labour not progressing (was in labour for over 24hours). She was 8lb when she was born nothing at all like what I was told. X

Hiya, thanks for sharing your story with me! So glad it helped you feel at ease!

I know they can get things so wrong and measurements wrong it’s just the uncertainty setting my anxiety off and I just feel like nobody at the hospital cares, just yeah you’re having a big baby but just crack on!

8lb is a lovely size! I just don’t want to risk needing anything emergency by being left so long! My hospitals maternity unit has been so close to being closed down over the past few years which also makes me worry that they are just going to leave me and then when it all comes to it me end up in a sticky situation and an emergency one 😩xx

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