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Guy what should I do I an 42 with PCOS and desperate for a baby.

I had bloods taken my day 21 progesterone level was only 21.

I really pissed off with life

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Well that depends what your options are? Are you in a relationship? Are you thinking of sperm donation? Are you being referred to fertility services? Is adoption an option?


I am not keen on sperm donors.


If sperm donation is something you dont want then you need to find someone willing to partake. No option to have a baby with sperm in some form or other.

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I suffer with pcos and its really horrible it's not the nicest thing to have..... it took me 5 years to conceive naturally.... it was such a battle.... just when I was going to give up it happened for me..... can you not speak to your gp about the options you have to help you start your road to become a mum.... I know there is medication you can take if you have pcos but I never got offered it.... I never got offered any thing for mine.... I hope you get your chance to be a mum soon good luck with everything xxx


I suffered with PCOS and had the diathermy in my 20s. Believing I would never fall pregnant I made my peace with it and fostered and made long term plans that did not involve having children. Following the break up of my marriage last year I discovered to my huge surprise that I was pregnant and unfortunately miscarried in November. Due to my relationship status (very new) for the first time I used contraception and went on the pill. In March I discovered I was 12 weeks pregnant and must have conceived just as I started the pill. So, now I am a 41 year old expecting a very unexpected baby in the next month.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, sometimes life can surprise you and, if it doesn’t, there are other rewarding options. Speak to your GP about treatment options and consider what other options could work for you.




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