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Induction at 40 weeks

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Hey all, I’m now 21+6 after second ivf cycle. I had a really good 20 week scan & all is healthy which is fab. The thing that surprised me though, is that I’ve been recommended to have induction at 40weeks if baby hasn’t shown signs of arriving.

I think I’m feeling a bit sad that I’ll have less chance of going into labour naturally and have that experience of it, and I’m also aware of increased risk of a more traumatic birth and/or emergency C-section with induction.

My priority is having a live & healthy baby and so I can get over this stuff. But is there anyone else going through this at the moment or been through it? Does anyone know the data on why this is justified? Would be good to hear your experiences if possible 🙏

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I think everywhere is different. Mine was IVF and I was treated like any other normal pregnant lady. I was induced but only because she was 11 days late so just normal protocol not because of IVF.

At the end of the day it’s completely your choice and do what you feel is best. You could always ask to make your decision nearer the time xx

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Thanks for sharing hun! Xx


I am 36 weeks and they told me 2 weeks ago, as everything been "normal" so far, that they probably won't, but that it is up to us as the parents to decide. I have an appointment with my midwife every 2 weeks at the moment, then 2 days before due date. This is normal and the one before is to ensure that all looks on track and see if I want to have a sweep on the due date.

I am 42 and this is my 6th cycle, first time I have got to the point of actually having a baby. I think age, ivf and donor status all link into what they suggest, and each area is different. However if you strongly feel one way or another you should tell them too as they should be listening to you.

Once you go to the antenatal classes they explain all about birth etc so that is reassuring. Xx

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Think I’ll ask the midwife more questions and see what they say. I’m 39 and pregnancy is going really smoothly, they’re now not going to scan me until 34 weeks which is when I’ll next see the consultant.

I’ll definitely go for sweeps, anything to avoid drug-led induction(!)

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Hope it goes well for the rest of your pregnancy through to birth x

It’s my 2nd IVF and now 29 weeks and we have been told that I will be induced at 40 weeks to eliminate any risk of delivering later.

I have to do some adjusting that I may not get a natural birth but after all we’ve been through I want to take the consultant advice and know we are being looked after.

There is some research on risks involved in IVF pregnancies but it’s not conclusive at all so I think different hospitals and doctors do different things.

Hope all goes smoothly for you, all that matters is our healthy babies get here and are put in our arms. Xx

All makes sense - thanks so much for sharing! Yeah, when it comes to safety of the baby it’s a bit of a no brainier decision really! Good to hear others are having this advice too Xx

Hi I was induced at 40 weeks and trust me you'll feel every single labour pain; I also had a natural birth. It was just like normal childbirth pain. I wouldn't say it was "traumatic" compared to others who didn't get induced. I also didn't have an epidural (I'm glad I didn't). Your water will also break on its own if they don't have to break your water for you. In my case it broke on its own. The actual act of being induced wasn't painful but I felt every single labour pain because at the time of being induced I was 0 cm dilated and that continued for a while after as well. So, i felt the pain from dot.

Don't be worried about it; every pregnancy is different and every woman's body is different from others. If they have recommended you get induced then they must have a valid reason. The most important thing is that you and the baby are healthy.

Thanks for sharing your experience of it - really helpful 😃 glad all went well for you during it x

I was the same. I was told that it is standard practice to induce IVF pregnancies on your due date (although it seems this is only in certain areas as I’ve spoken to others who have bee know allowed to go over) however my little man cane 11 days early in the end 🥰

Ahhh congratulations!! 💛😃

I was told to have induction. They said there is statistics that show IVF pregnancies have a slightly higher risk of stillbirth but they don’t know why. This scared me enough into having induction. I chose to go in on due date. I wish I had been more confident and said no but hindsight and all that. I ended up having an emergency csection, my waters broke after having the pessary type thing on for over 36 hours and contractions started but then stopped by the morning. I went on the drip at midday and was having contractions all day and night with not much progression at all. In the end both mine and babies heart rate was changing and they recommended csection which I was about to ask for anyway as I’d had enough by that point. The csection was actually ok and we got to see our little girl being taken out. I could go into more detail but I’d either have a planned csection or natural labour if I’m lucky enough to get pregnant through one of our frozen embryos. All the best whatever you decide. Other friends have been induced and had very similar to a natural birth so everyone reacts differently xx

What happened to you is my fear - this also happened to my friend. But, like you say there are others who have a much better experience with it -and I have another friend who raves about how great it was (😂). Ultimately baby comes first and it’s good to hear that a number of other ladies have had & followed this advice too - thank you for sharing x

My friend had 2 IVF children and delivered them at 41 weeks naturally without induction. She lives in France though and I think they have different approach than in the UK.

My other friend in the U.K., was induced at 41w+4days and had a emergency c-section in the end. She was 40 and this was a natural conception. I think that maybe the approach also varies from hospital to hospital.

Thanks Kari - I think you’re probably right re- the different approach! Thanks for sharing 🙏 x

I recommend the positive birth company. It's Hypnobirthing but there are some great tips on being induced and what your options are. I found this really useful as everyone talks about being induced and I had no idea you can say no to having one.

Thanks laurafig - I’m planning on doing a hypnobirthing course so will look into this one 👍 I’ll probably go ahead with induction but anything I can do to ease my body into things better will be ideal! X

It would really benefit you to look in the the course I recommended. We've picked the digital pack which was about £42 and you watch the founder doing videos which we have loved watxhing. She talks about inductions a lot and there are different ways and options (who knew there were so many choices!). It's all about being equipped with as much knowledge as possible so you know what's right for your body. You still have so much time to work this out so good luck!

That’s great - I’m feeling more motivated thank you very much! X

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