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People commenting on your size

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Im particularly sensitive about my weight/size however you want to look at it (see prev post by me 😂)

My question is why do people think it’s ok to comment on my size all the time just because I’m pregnant!

It seems to be the first thing that everyone says to me when I see them. Not how’s your week been, let me tell you about mine- all I seem to get is bloody hell you’re looking (insert size related phrase of your choice here)

I don’t know if anyone else feels like this or is it something to just suck up because I’m pregnant?

The problem is, it genuinely has a lasting effect on me and my self confidence, which is pretty low anyways. I’ve actually not gone to a wedding this weekend as I’m aware I’ve put on weight aswell as baby weight and am so bothered (I wish I wasn’t) about people sniggering behind my back that I couldn’t bear to go! It was supposed to be my first night away from my 16 month old but I chose to stay home and let my husband go alone (don’t worry I’m sure he’ll be happier without me there as he can drink til his hearts content)

Sorry for the rant! Someone please tell me I’m not alone - I feel so self absorbed by this issue and wish Someone would slap me to knock it out of me 😂

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The fact people feel comfortable saying how big you are probably means you're not that big at all. I know it sounds a bit convoluted, but if you're actually a big person people tend to step more carefully around mentioning your size. Ironically, I would take it as a compliment that people do comment.

Although it still sucks and I completely understand why it would make you feel self conscious. If anyone did snigger behind your back I'm sure everyone would tell them they're an a-hole, you're growing a baby!

Please don't let this stop you living, it's not worth it and I can guarantee that everyone else at that wedding is too busy either being in an oblivious fog or worrying about their own lumps and bumps.

When I was pregnant, I had so many people say, your massive. Normally I care, but I just kept saying and thinking I’m pregnant, of course I’m going too be big. I would be worried if I was small. I put on 3 stone during my pregnancy and I was weighing myself every week.

I was worried too start with, but I thought you know what, I’m pregnant I’m gonna get big I’m growing a baby inside me.

I understand how low your feeling, I get. But you are growing a gorgeous baby inside you, just try too ignore people’s comments and think of your growing baby inside you x

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Jwarby in reply to Annh17

Thank you. I’ll try to keep positive and ignore my normal reaction to these types of comments!

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Annh17 in reply to Jwarby

I know it’s hard, but you are growing a baby, of course your going to be big. Just do your best to ignore them, or just comment back, I’m growing a baby, what would you expect. Or if I wasn’t big, you would be saying your tiny. x

When people say 'you're so big!' Whilst pregnant, they won't mean you as such, it'll be your bump. And generally, a big bump = big baby = healthy baby!

It's a funny sort of compliment that only works whilst pregnant 😂 try not to worry!xx

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