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Polyhydramnios and large baby (labour ward induction booked) 😭

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Hi all, I’m new here and looking for some advice/reassurance please. So I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with a large bump for my size (in the abyss above the 95th centile on my chart). This comprises more fluid than normal (11cm) and a large baby (measured as 3388g/7lb7.5oz yesterday). I met with my consultant after my scan yesterday and she confirmed that they want to induce me on my due date, as baby is big for my size (5ft 4in) and I have more fluid than normal, and if baby comes before this date, I still need to give birth on the labour ward. I’m so upset about this, as I wanted my labour and the birth to be as natural as possible and also had my heart set on using a birthing pool. It’s now going to be very clinical, which brings back bad memories of when I had breast cancer a couple of years ago. I’m so worried that being on the labour ward will mean they are very likely to intervene and cause complications. I’m also worried that the stress of being on the labour ward is going to have a negative effect, especially as the midwife lead unit (which is so lovely) is only one floor down in the same hospital block. Sorry for the long post (and the wingeing!), but it would be great to hear any positive birth stories from anyone who has had Polyhydramnios and a bigger baby please. Also any positive stories of giving birth on a labour ward (I’ve only heard negative), especially with an induction, would be great. Thank you!!

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Hi didn’t want to read and run. They told me I had too much extra fluid and a larger baby. This was just before 37 weeks. I was induced and if it’s a induction there will be intervention, as you will

Likely be on a petocin drip to trigger contractions. I’m not sure about if you can arrange to be in a birth pool, maybe once you have a due date you can try and arrange the pool if it’s on the same ward? With me I was just booked a room. I agreed to the induction as they said the baby would be too large to deliver. In the end after a 60 hour labour I had an emergency c section and when he was born he was a regular weight. I will admit if I had known that I would have tried for the labour I wanted in the first place. 🙁 they said they growth scans are only estimates and they over estimated Harry by almost 4lb. Have a chat with your consultant as your obviously stressed and feeling anxious about the intervention etc and hope fully they can explain or put your mind at ease. It’s your baby and your experience so I hope they listen to you and your wishes xxx

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Thank you for replying. Sorry you had a rough time. I’ve heard so many people say that their babies were much smaller than the scan measurements! 4lb is a huge amount though! I have booked to see the consultant midwife, so I can discuss my options. I am hopeful that she will arrive early though, as she’s fully engaged and bum is to the front now (I’m 37 weeks today). Will be trying all the old wives tales to get things moving! Thank you xxx

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That was the other thing I was going to suggest. With my other son I laboured as long as I could at home to try and dodge the induction. Lol still ended he same way in a c section but that was because he was in distress. If you start early you may get the plans you wanted 😊

Hey lovely, you may have already had your baby by now (fingers crossed as you wished) but I just wanted to say I was induced at 36+3 after my waters broke with no signs of labour. Despite waving goodbye to my water birth (as me and the baby had to be monitored) it was a wonderful experience. I'm of the opinion it doesn't matter where you are or how you do it, as long as the baby is number 1 priority. The staff are AMAZING in these situations, our room had fairy lights too and we were told we could take in anything else (oil burners etc) that we wanted to to make the atmosphere as we wanted. My contractions started at around 7am and I was cuddling my baby by midday. There was nothing that felt clinical to me, everyone was so kind and wonderful and relaxed it was just magical, and as I've said it was everything that insured my baby arrived safely. Good luck mama and enjoy!!! Xxx

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Thank you, that’s really helpful to hear a good news story xxx

I was told my baby would be at least 10lbs as they estimated her weight at 36 weeks being 8lb 13oz. I also had high level of fluid. My baby was only 7lbs 5oz.

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I’ve heard this from so many people! How do they get it so wrong?! Have a feeling she is going to arrive early, so hopefully won’t need to deal with worrying about an induction xxx

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I don’t know, I bought all big clothes and when she was born none fit her haha. They tried inducing me, but my little madam decided to turn into the breech position after the 24 hours so I ended up with a c section so I can’t really comment on the induction. I hope all goes well for you xx

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Oh no 🙈 Thank you! xxx

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