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Potty training Advice

Hi, my daughter is 19 months and showing signs that she is ready for potty training, saying pee pee and wiping herself when I take the nappy off. So I thought I would try it but feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Any tips? I started yesterday and had 3 pees in the potty and 2 today so far but more accidents than successes. Any advice would be great x

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Just keep at it they get it pretty quick once they start.


Sounds like you’re doing amazingly well. Praise the successes and move on past the little slips. She’ll soon get it and love being clean & dry & in soft underwear.


Firstly well done for getting some successful attempts at the potty!

I didn't get around to training my daughter til she was 3 and I was heavily pregnant on mat leave.

Like others have said u done amazing. It took my girl a week nd at the beginning like you we had plenty accidents bmi remeber being in despair by day 3 but it all changwd by day 4 fewwwr accidenfs and i kid you not she just got it please keep at it .

Best time to train is in summer. I did but her pull ups but she was treating them like nappy. Telling me after she was done.

Switched to knickers (character ones chosen by herself) which she didnt want to ruin so would come and tell me when she needed to go!


Also please be patient and be prepared for many many many false alarms. It used to drive me potty (no pun intended) when she would take me running with her. only to be told dont worry mama we try again later !!


How did this go in the end? My daughter is at same stage so wondering if it’s worth giving it a try?!


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