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5 weeks


I’ve just been to a private scan today and she said the sac was 4.5mm and it was empty, she is referring me to my local hospital to check my blood levels. Is it normal to only see an empty sac at this gestation. I was in tears, the sonographer said not to worry just yet. But I can’t help but worry.

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I bet your worrying lots. But 5 weeks is still very earlier x x sending lots of love

I am sorry you are going through this & feel so uncertain. There is a reason they don’t like to scan before 6 weeks & even then it’s still very early. Really hope the next scan goes better xoxo


5 weeks is really early to see anything! Don't worry! Take a positive from it that the sac is in the right place and make sure you go for a scan at 6 weeks 😘😘xxxx

Yes this is more than likely normal baby would only be 2mm try not to worry scans are better after 8 weeks there’s less confusion there would be a heartbeat.

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I agree completely. Sometimes I think early scans cause more harm than good xoxo

5 weeks is very early. I had a scan with my first this early due to bleeding ... there wasnt anything at that point. Two weeks later there was a heart beat.

Was is a a vaginal scan? At 5 weeks an abdominal scan is likely to be useless

Yeah it was vaginal, they saw nothing from my tummy, and not a lot from inside either, it was just a black circle x

My sac was empty at nearly 7 weeks. I’m now 19 weeks with a little girl.


When I when for my first ultrasound I was only around 4 weeks and the sac was empty but it was there so I had to go back in 3weeks and then there was a little bean measured at 6w2 days she saw a heartbeat which usually is very hard to see that early so don’t give hope it’s very early they don’t like doing. Scans that early for this reason

Five weeks is really really early to see much at all. My ivf clinic don’t scan until 7/8 weeks because they even feel 6 weeks is too early. Don’t lose hope if you haven’t bled.

It really seems very early to me. Only ever had my early scans after 6 weeks. I hope all is well.xx

Try not to worry just yet hun. I had a scan too early at about 5+5 weeks and they could only just detect the sac but didn’t want to say that it was viable at that point. I had to go for bloods every other day over 6 days and then when I went back for another scan, at 6+5 there was teeny baby with heartbeat.

So don’t give up hope and try not to worry xx

SOrry to hear your worries darling but as everyone says it’s to early. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum early in my pregnancy... mind you I was also bleeding... was in Ann out of the EPU (early pregnancy unit) worst time of my life. The embryo had all sorts of problems as it was not developing properly. Everything changed at 4 months and now I have a healthy little 14 months angel.

Don’t stress and get another scan done in a couple of weeks.

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