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Does my baby need to be engaged in order for him to have his head on my cervix?


Hi sorry for the long post but here goes I'm 31+2 I've seen my midwife today and I said I have been experencing shooting pains in my cervix and really painful strong tightnings across the whole of my stomach.

She said he was either kicking or nutting my cervix and that would be why I was getting shooting pains, she then listened to his heartbeat and told me he was head down so would be nutting it.

I don't really like my midwife as I feel like she's not checking me properly and she's missed a few problems with my pregnancy already and I don't feel like I get a straight answer when I ask a question so I didn't ask her this but for his head to be touching my cervix does he need to be engaged?

I've never had this with any of my other pregnancies it hurts to walk and feels like he could come at any moment.

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I'm not 100% of the answer however ... I know with my second her head moves in and out of my pelvis, one day shed ve far down then next back out. I could by the pressure on my bladder and because she could have moved down. Midwife told me it's common for 2nd babies+ to move in and out of the pelvis.

In fact baby was not engaged at 40+4 but made her way by 40+6 on her own fairly quickly

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Thank you for your reply I thought that he would have to be in the pelvis head down to be able to touch the cervix but it's not something I've experienced before so was unsure if that meant he could be ready to come already.


Yes, baby would need to be engaged to be touching your cervix. But generally babies can and will move in and out and all around before they are full term and ready to be born. I'm quite small framed and my son was fully engaged and didnt move from that position from 32 weeks, I had a lot of the pains you are describing and often felt like i was sitting on his head if i sat down too quickly. He came a week early in the end!

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Hi thank you for your reply. My midwife didn't really check me over as it was too painful when she touched me. I was just concerned it could mean he was ready to come now and it's far too soon.

My first response would be if your unhappy with your midwife you really should change . They won’t mind and at this stage in pregnancy you need thourough care xx

I have tried to change my midwife after she let a trainee do my checks and they couldnt find a heartbeat or tell what position my baby was in and she just sat on her backside at her desk and did nothing! I ended up calling the hospital and going to get checked there. It just has not been possible she's the only one who does the appointments at my GP surgery but there has been multiple complaints put in about her.

Hopefully you can get it sorted x

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