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Bleeding for 10 days and still got positive result on PT( im on my 1st trimester) Boobs are still sore

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Hi,ive been bleeding for 10 days now, not very heavy, passing tiny clots. On my first scan they saw 2 empty sacs and measured me 5 weeks, where i thought i would be 9 weeks. My next scan will be on the 22. Nurse told me if bleeding got heavier with cramps and with big clots and should call them straight away.But so far its still the same bleeding for 10 days now, i took a pregnancy test yesterday and quickly showed 2 lines. My boobs are still sore, I dont know what to think about it , 10 days bleeding and still positive on pt. im hoping that it will not turn to m/c and i will go on continue to have normal and healthy pregnancy🙏🏼

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At 5 weeks I’d be surprised if they could see anything inside the sac anyway as it’s so small! Fingers crossed everything is ok for you, but I hate to say that even if you have miscarried you will still produce a positive test for a while as it takes a while for the hormones the clear your system. I know the 22nd seems so far away but until you’re further along the scan won’t show much more than the last one. Hang in there! I’m keeping everything crossed for you

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Try not to worry, I bled from 5 weeks and i’m still bleeding now at 18 weeks. I’ve had 7 scans now in total and been for all the screening tests, they can’t see any reason for the bleeding and my baby is absolutely fine. Some people are just bleeders. Reading other people stories on message boards stresses me out and made me worried something was wrong, but then speaking to my friends who’ve had babies all of them bled at some point. Like most things pregnancy is different for everyone and worrying is the worst thing you can do-although it’s really hard not to. If you’re feeling anxious about it and feel up to it see if there are any pregnancy yoga classes near you. I never did yoga before I was pregnant but have found the pregnancy classes very helpful both for relaxation and meeting other Women in the same position as me. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly, just remember the chance of miscarriage is only 10-15% so the odds are hugely stacked in your favour.

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Hi, so you’re bleeding from 5 weeks upto now? is it light bleeding? with a freshy blood? I was in pain last night, i was just lying in bed for hours with cramping , back ache,never felt it before while bleeding,but last night was extremely painful, my husband wanted to bring me to the hospital but i refused because of the pain,i cant even move from side to side, so i was just lying in the bed then hrs later,i told my husband to help go to the bathroom, so when i was sitting i saw something is hangin in my vagina(sorry to say) it was blood but more on solid type,i grab a toilet paper and the i pulled it out it was sooo big that it went straight away to the loo with the toilet paper ,but i felt it and saw it when i pulled it out that it was big and solid blood. then i felt less cramps,much much better atterward. Don’t know what it was, in my last ultrasound they found 2 sacs and possibly three. So im not sure if i miscarried one or all of them. Ijustdont feel this pregnancy will continue , my next scan is on next monday, i will just wait , i wont even bother to call the hospital or my gp, im still bleeding so i will just monitor my bleeding and make myself ready for the result next week.

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I had fresh bright red blood sometimes with clots. I also had “periods” which lasted a few days and were heavier. I had various pains all the way through and cramps during the “period” days. I think you should go and get checked out, don’t wait until 22nd. Call the early pregnancy unit at your local hospital and explain the situation, they will be able to advice you and will most probably book you in for a scan. The reason I had so many scans is because the bleeding continued and they wanted to check it out. It’s fine to take paracetamol if you are in pain, just not ibuprofen. A warm bath might help too (but not hot). Please do go and get checked though, hopefully they will be able to confirm you still have a viable pregnancy and give you some reassurance. I’ll have my fingers crossed for you.

I think you should take their advice and call them. Many people experience spotting, but regular bleeding during pregnancy is not the norm. If it was me I'd be straight down to the hospital.

I hope everything is OK but we are not medical professionals on this forum, and I think it's their help you need.


I bled bright red blood and passed clots for the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy. I’m now 33 weeks. It can be normal for some people. I have been described as a bleeder in the past! Keep going to the early pregnancy unit for scans as hospital advises, fingers crossed all will turn out well :) x

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