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embronic pregnacy question

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hi i have a sister who is 8week no menstrual period. suspecting she is pregnan. she went to see ob doctor. they do the ultrasound and fine out that she is carrying embryonic preganacy. the doctor advice her to undergo dilatation and curretage. now she dont want to do yet bec she is hoping that the baby might come out anytime soon. is that possible? that the baby will still form in embyo for 2 weeks alrady of pregnancy? thank for the advise

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Hi sorry to hear about your sister she has a blighten ovum where the sac only grows and theres not viable pregnancy. I had one also which I started to miscarry a few days after finding out at 12 weeks. They tell you to come back to double check 2 weeks later to be sure and if you havent already started mc they'll offer you d&c, medical managment, or can still just naturally mc or if they've have already suggected d&c there pretty sure.

Sending Hugs xx

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