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Ectopic - methotrexate


Hi all, I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy on Saturday. They think they have found it in my right tube. Hgc levels were 2700 on Saturday. I decided on the methotrexate injection on Sunday and received it by the afternoon. I am now back home and seem to be having quite a lot of twinges near my tummy area. I also had a little pain in my shoulder which has now gone. Is this just the injection working? I didn’t want surgery as I didn’t want to risk my tube being taken away due to the fact this was our first pregnancy. Anyone had this injection before? I think I might still be a little oversensitive about the whole emotional shock of ectopic. Thanks x

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Sorry for your loss . I was told if I was ever to feel pain in my shoulder that didnt go to see the doc striaght away I would get in touch with the doc ASAP x

MissyRiver in reply to Kt19

Hi Hun, thanks for replying. I haven’t had any pain for more than 10 hours now. How did you get on with the injection? Xxx

So sorry for your loss. Iv had two ectopics. The first treated with methotrexate and second surgery as the first left scarring and they missed it be g in my tube and had ruptured. It sounds like the injection working to me. I was in awful pain on and off with a lot of bleeding which they said was normal. Its emotionally draining so please take some time to come to terms with your loss. I'm now 19 weeks with our miracle baby as we were told we would have to have IVF so never give up hope. Hope it settles quickly xxx

MissyRiver in reply to lcheckley

Thank you for the reply and congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m delighted to hear that there is hope for us yet. Yes, I’ve been crying off and on since they couldn’t find my baby. Work have been understanding. I have quite a bit of discharge this morning but no pain. Thanks again for response 😘 xxxx

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