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My Precious Baby Star will be 6 months in 6 more days!

I've been so busy since she was born! She's 6 months almost and I still haven't had to purchase any diapers! Thanks to my Beautiful baby shower my family gave me! Yes my nieces gave me a Gucci baby shower! My daughter received everything from baby bed down to clothes and everything in between! I come from a large family! I have 9 siblings besides me! I'm still so thankful considering I'm 43 and didn't think I could have children! This baby was a surprise and I'm truly in love! She's so happy every morning when she wakes first thing she do is smile at me! 😍😍😍 baby Star is doing fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Aw I am so happy your beautiful Star is thriving, it’s gone so quick ! I’m happy your enjoying family life and the baby shower saved you a lot , good family and friends. Xx


Thanks Sisi14

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Your welcome xx


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