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I had a miscarriage in September but I think I might be pregnant again

The first time round when I feel pregnant my symptoms I had seem to be reoccurring again! Peeing a lot even getting up during the night which was my biggest sign the first time is happening again! Am definitely having mood swings and I keep crying for absolute no reason it was my partner that asked me if I was sure I wasn’t pregnant as he said I’ve been acting rather weird I didn’t notice until he mentioned it! I am currently taken acid folic we stop trying for three months due to the miscarriage but I feel like there’s a strong possibility I have fell straight away! Or could it be the acid folic making me act and pee constantly? My period is in 4 days I don’t know where to test or what ? Help a girl out 😅

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I think take a test anyway (I know what it’s like to wait and feels like forever!) and even if it’s a negative result, take one around a week later see if you get a different result. Or head to the doctors...

Good luck hun xx


You can get caught straight away hun. We lost our second Angel in April and we found out we got pregnant again end of June. I'm now 36+4 with our rainbow boy.

You can always do a test now and if it's negative but you're still having symptoms by the time your period is due then take another. Fingers crossed for you! Xx


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