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31 weeks pregnant still being sick

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I am 31 weeks pregnant but seem like morning sickness is not going away. When I am at work get heartburn and when I am

Home have breakfast even very light I end up being sick. Unless I don’t I feel restless and burning sensation. Anyone else experienced same is anything to worried about it. I have asked midwife she goes it’s normal ask your GP for something.

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My sister felt sick but wasn’t actually sick the whole way through she couldn’t stand tea, coffee or smells of perfumes or aftershave.

Are you using gaviscon or Rennies for heartburn? I found that getting hungry used to make everything worse so would have small frequent meals not too spicy or acidy

Go ask your doctor for either cyclizine or ranitidine. The first is anti sickness med but it could be excess acid causing your sickness and ranitidine will solve that I was on both last pregnancy as I was sick so much I was throwing up blood

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Marim in reply to Kate91

Yh I have got randitine now so hopefully it works becz having acid really bad.

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Kate91 in reply to Marim

Sorted mine out really well

That is good :)

I was sick yesterday morning, 35 + 3. I got sickness sporadically all the way through my first pregnancy too so it's normal for me. It can be a sign of other problems in pregnancy but if your midwife has deemed it OK for you the only other option would be to get a second opinion x

It’s my first pregnancy and sickness it was stop in 2nd trimester now started again it’s more with acid reflux only in the morning once it’s happened than whole day I will be fine

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If its only in a morning it's more likely normal. Through my second pregnancy I had a I'd reflux heart burn and severe vomiting all way Through. On 3rd time round and already started with it again last time it put me in hospital 3 times over night for fluid and anti sickness meds as I was throwing up blood. All the time due to rupturing throat and stomach lining and was just throwing water back up

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Marim in reply to Kate91

Yup just only in the morning it only need to happen once after that I am fine whole day.

Dear Mariam,

I have had two children and had morning sickness all through mine even during labour, I was sick with each contraction. How many times a day are you being sick?

Some people have their pregnancies without any sickness but some of us have to. Live with it.

I also feel bitterness in my mouth at 31 weeks. Heart burn is uncontrollable.

am sure it will pass soon

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