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20 weeks!

Today is my twenty week scan, and I am beyond excited to see my little bubba again, and to find out if bubba is going to be my princess or little prince. (Hopefully if he/she will be kind to us!)

I am beyond excited to tell our family, but wanted to do it in a special way. - how did you guys tell your families the gender reveal? Big and bold or a text stating the sex!

Hope you are all good and enjoying each part of the pregnancies you are going through!

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We paid privately for a scan at 16 weeks and had family round ours to tell them.

Me and my sister in law baked cupcakes and inside put pink in 12 cupcakes and blue in another 12, decorated them and put them in containers with which had what colour in. My fiancé bought some prosecco too and used the left over food colouring and poured it in before we served it to the family. We counted to 3 and told them to take a bite and the colour inside was our gender! Then my fiance poured them a glass of blue prosecco 😁! It was fun to bake and to eat and cost a loss less.

My fiancé's cousin did cannons with the colour of the gender inside xx


Hope your scan went well xx


Hope your scan went well and did you find out what you are having? Xxx



I just did an announcement that was simple and boring on my social media and just tagged my husband . Was just a status on Facebook x


We found out that we’re having a baby girl, but the scanner said it would be worth double checking as baby was being a monkey and she was having to check in an awkward position. - now I’m stressing if I buy all pink, and when the time comes and she is actually a boy!


Congratulations! You could always book a private gender scan hun. Where we went they had a policy where if they couldn't get a clear shot then they would scan us again for free xx


Congratulations we had a gender scan at 16 weeks and found out we were having a girl (she was being a pickle too). We doubled checked at 20 weeks and then tripled checked at our 4d scan 😂.

You can get some good deals on private scans if you want extra reassurance plus they are much better than hospital scans xx


Buy white green and yellow if you don't want to have another scan! Anyways I think better to try hang fire with clothes (it's hard I know!) but people do give you lots of stuff and then you can buy more once baby is here as needed


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