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5 weeks pregnant and bleeding

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Good day, I am in need of some advice..

I was late for my monthly, so I did a home test and it was positive. I was stress and excited, however 1 day later I got my period it was light and went heavy. I went to the doctor he did not even examine me properly he said it was a miscarriage. He then gave me iron tablets and stomach cramping tablets. Now the bleeding has stopped.. I really hoped to be pregnant but I would like to know should I do another test or rather forget this dream?...did anyone experienced this before?

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No another test will not be helpful as it can stay positive for few days/weeks... I'd try see a different gp and ask for a referral to the early pregnancy unit. They will normally do bloods an ultrasound. If you start having severe pains I would head to a&e though.

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Hi thank you will see a doctor soon

Yes it happen to me so go for another test. And scan.

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Hi thank u for the response. After how long you think I should do a test?

Aww I’m sorry to hear that, but to me sounds like a chemical pregnancy. I don’t want to get your hopes up, this is just my opinion, I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks and it broke my heart, and I’ve had one chemical, which is when the body tries but your body rejects the pregnancy before your due your AF, because of the pregnancy not being viable, and a scan would not be able to see anything unless your 6/7weeks plus, I would wait a week at least and re test x

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Hi, thank u so much. I have no idea about chemical pregnancy but will research it more thank u

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I really hope that’s not it, and it was something else, babys still growing fine tho 💖

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