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Yellow discharge

I'm 11 weeks 3 days pregnant. Throughout I've had thin white discharge but this morning there was quite a lot that was yellow in colour. I have had cramping(very mild) the last two days. I spoke to the midwife team and they said the cramping is normal and will be everything moving and growing and said the yellow discharge could be "something and nothing" and to monitor. Can anybody pls advise?

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Any itching or soreness?


Nope nothing and no odour either xx


Potential TMI here, but are you sure the discharge is yellow and it's not just white discharge coloured once it's left the body? Incontinence occurs in the first trimester sometimes- that might be causing the yellow. I'd link to my info source on this but my phone won't let me, but if you Google 'incontinence in first trimester' you'll find it.


Great I will look into that. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it xx


Again probs TMI but...I rang my midwife a few times during my pregnancy thanks to changing discharge and cramping. My discharge was often yellowish and sometimes would even be a tan colour every now and again. I panicked a lot but all was ok (I had swabs done to check things out at one point). My cramping happened mainly in the first trimester but it did happen later on too. Now I look back I realise it will have been all of the changes happening to my body. People told me this at the time but I still worried. But your body really does change and grow a lot and so cramping is bound to happen. I can fully comprehend and accept that now I have my daughter here.

Try not to panic (easier said than done I know) and never be scared to call your midwife for reassurance.

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