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I'm 24 weeks pregnant on Thursday. Today, I've been to work as usual, walked our dog and run a few errands which is normal routine for me when my fiancé is at work as he does 12 hour shifts.

Tonight I sat down for an hour before getting up to start cooking tea and had a pain in my hip. It got worse quickly and my lower back and groin started to hurt too! I've literally had to crawl upstairs to bed because I can't weight bare and the pain is crippling.

My fiance's cousin had SPD and a friend of mine has too and both think I could have it. I thought 24 weeks would be too soon to develop it? Anyone had experience with it around the 6 month Mark? I'm worked if I have it then it may effect my maternity leave if I have to go off work as I wanted to work up until ideas due to have more time with our rainbow boy after!

Thanks for reading! I know it was a bit of an essay! X

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Hey I just gave birth few days ago and had SPD with both my pregnancies with my first it came in my third trimester at around 34/35 weeks and with my most recent pregnancy it came at around 24 weeks all the way right up to when i gave birth even now its still abit painful plus the after pains of labour. So SPD seems like you can get it at any point from your second trimester to third trimester. My midwives referred me to physio at the hospital with my second pregnancy whilst with my first it was different I was given a belt to wear around my bump to support the weight of the baby which helped i used to wear it during the night mainly as under the clothes was still a little noticeable whenever I needed to go out and stuff.

Speak to your midwife about it if it is SPD, you can ask for the belt with the belt you can continue working but will have to take things easy or she maybe able to referr you to physio (in some hospitals you may have to purchase the belt yourself) I live in orpington and mine was free.

Good luck with your pregnancy x


I’ve had it since week 8, but only causing real trouble since week 12. I’m now 31 weeks and counting down to birth to get some relief. Have been given crutches which help but other measures I found useful were - tubigrip type belt all the time except sleeping and back/hip belt when standing/walking, thick memory-foam mattress topper, silk pjs, and folded duvet under me at night massively improved sleep. Paracetamol just before bed and again at 4 in the morning (although now progressed to cocodomol). Plastic bag on car seat to assist swivelling in and out with knees together. Lots of rest, working from home, online shopping and not carrying anything heavy, pushing or pulling. Take stairs one at a time. Even a walk around the supermarket at the weekend had me in agony for 4 full day/nights, so just listen to your body and as frustrating as it is understand and work within your limits.get midwife to refer to physio as they have quicker access than gps. Hope this helps. It will all be worth it is my daily mantra!


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