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anxiety caused by busy midwife

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so the midwife kind of freaked me out. we had an app a few weeks ago I was around 22 weeks it was very rushed as she was just back from holiday and is the only midwife in this area. she ended up taking us in instead of a girl that had been sitting a while. reception phoned and basically said to her that she messed up that girl had been there ages, we offered to step out and wait but she insisted it was fine she listened to heart beat I'd told her I was feeling wee kicks or punches and she briefly said so if you don't feel him move or if he doesn't react tof things he usually reacts to phone hosp riget away don't wait until the next day ect. I'm only 25 weeks pregrant some days I only feel a few movessels then some days I don't I know people who have just started feeling there baby move I feel like I'm worried I lay all night rubbing and poking at my tummy to get him to move just felt wee jabshite when I was sleeping or dozing off. I don't really know what to do they say babies sleep for up to 20 hours in the whom so I know theyou aren't activeall the time but now I worry. Then I get anoyed that I'm having negative thoughts. is everything okay I don't know what to do?

she didn't cover alot just briefly said stuff we had no time for qs or anything my partner was very anoyed at her I get they are understaffed and busy but what if she missed someting

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From a point of checks apart from heartbeat and feel for tummy size, urine dip and blood pressure they don't check for much else... So I wouldn't worry too much about missing something.

I didn't feel baby everyday to start off with as you say they sleep a lot but also they have plenty of space to start off with... However if you are worried might be worth calling midwife triage and having a talk to them about it

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she only listened for heartbeat for heartbeat barley looked down at my notes from last scan then hurried us out didn't even do my carbon monoxide thing where I breathe in a tube I'm sure everything will be fine just would of liked more time told her about the horrific heartburn and she just kind of started talking about something else my bf had to say she really needs something it's so bad she's up and down during the night with it xx

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Not sure about carbon monoxide tube ... never had this checked in either pregnancy, is this something they've done before on you? As I wouldn't think it's something routine.

As for heartburn you can safely try things like rennies or gaviscon. Anything more than that you probably have to see your gp to prescribe for you, as midwives can't prescribe

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I got prescription of her, it's because I'm a smoker they do it I have 1 a day now if that x

Aww bless you, please don’t be worrying about it as you need your rest. I’ve had 4 and it’s normal for baby to sleep loads at this stage, as long as you feel movement at some stage each day you’re baby is fine.

Take care of yourself and baby, wishing you all the very best for a fast and easy delivery xxx

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4 wow yeah I'm sure everythig is fine just anxious sometimes as it's first pregnancy x

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Perfectly understandable, our 2 daughter’s are both pregnant with their first babies, one 9 wks, the other 16 wks. Please try not to worry, hugs xx

Oh bless you, sounds like a horrendous rushed experience hope it’s better next time. I found my little one never had a good pattern of movement until I was further along, I didn’t feel her properly til +20 weeks. Try not to stress too much as long as you do feel some movement it’s a good sign. Sometimes it depends on baby’s position and the position of your placenta too as too how easy it is to feel baby move. I had my placenta at the front so that’s why I found it harder to feel her at first, was easier when she was bigger n stronger! I only had to do the carbon dioxide test once (I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant) so not sure how often they do that but it may not be every appointment. Do you have a midwife triage or day unit at your hospital you can call if your worried? Xx

Have you got an anterior placenta cushioning the kicks? If you don’t feel much movement I would always get checked. And definitely stop smoking x

I phoned them yesterday couldn't get my midwife...shock...a woman just told me when I finosed work to go home eat then lie on my back is felt him moving last night tho so think everything is fine I have the odd one now and then buthe I hate it my bf goes else where to smoke aswell. Ive never heard of the placenta being at the front minimizing the power of kicks mibby that's ithe but can it move because last week I was feeling more movement than this week?

Stop smoking please! Don't even be around second hand smoke! You want a healthy baby! Don't worry about feeling movements because baby is really small right now so you won't feel every move lots of room for baby! All my ultrasounds I've been told my baby is very active which is a good sign but, I've never felt as much movement as the ultrasounds show?

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