5 weeks pregnant and so happy!

Does every woman bleed when they are pregnant? I am reading all these posts on bleeeding during pregnancy and want to know how common this is?

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  • I know a good few people that have bled in the early stahe's just get an emergency scan to see if there is a heartbeat alot of woman's pregnancy continue and go on to have a healthy baby

  • I didn’t bleed at all with my first. For my second I thought I had a period then got pregnant. At my supposed 12 weeks scan they told me I was 15-16 weeks so that bleed actually happened when I was pregnant. I’m glad I didn’t realise so I didn’t worry about it! 22 weeks now and everything is going fine x

  • Thanks ladies! The bleeding has not happened to me just a question for just in case.... :)

    In terms of what to eat I’m in a dilema I have seen a video stating that I cannot eat pineapple or mango as they are deemed dangerous could have a miscarriage is this true? Does anyone have more facts on what to eat and what not too? On the NHS website I have read what to eat and what not too and it doesn’t state that? But various sites state some differences...

  • There’s a thought that pineapples have some effect on the uterus. Haven’t heard anything about mango.

    Probably these are more old wives takes rather than scientific.

    I just stuck to the nhs guidelines which is more on being safe in terms of food poisoning.

  • I had a one off little bleed with my son just before my period was due so I thought it was my period early. With my daughter i had Brown spotting for a few days and had an early scan. Both very different lol.

  • Hi Nina

    I didn’t bleed at all with my daughter. Just found out im now pregnant 3 + 6 and last night I had a little bleed. Terrified. Going try and get doc appointment today.

    I’ve read a lot over the last few hours and it looks like it can be common and you can go onto a healthy pregnancy and baby so that’s what I’m holding onto right now

  • Hi liz, keep positive it’s gonna be fine. I have read a lot and it is common x

  • Thanks Nina x

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