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Gestational Diabetes Concerns

Hi all. I am just about to reach 14 weeks and for a fair few weeks now I have been very thirsty and guzzling water yet my mouth remains extremely dry. Nothing seems to be quenching the thirst at all. I am also passing urine A LOT more than usual although I have always been a frequent goer anyway but more so now and I am waking up hourly during the night to go to the toilet and then guzzling more water and so the cycle continues. Obviously waking up hourly to go to the toilet is not helping me to get a restful nights sleep and I am feeling very fatigued.

All of these symptoms point to gestational diabetes according to the websites so I am just wondering would they do the glucose test earlier than the 24-28 week test and what should I do? I do not have a history of diabetes, however I am overweight and there is no known diabetes in my family history either. Thanks.

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Just ask your midwife. I've got mine this week and I'm 16 weeks. I was 28 weeks when I was tested in my last pregnancy but because it was positive I'm getting tested earlier.


I had one at 13 weeks and then another at 27 weeks. Luckily mine were negative but they certainly will do one if you are at risk (either through history, weight or symptoms) so just ask. Good luck :)


Speak to your midwife. I had mine at 25 weeks. I must say it's unusual to get GD so early on. The reassuring bit is that I found both pregnancies I was very thirsty all the time ... and if you are drinking loads you will wee loads! So yes def. check it out but it might well not be GD


Hi hun I'm so sorry to hear this. Just to let you know I've been unusualy thirsty too like this and I have a close family member who has diabetes. I've been told to take the glucose test but the only thing is I'm so sick I can't and won't manage to do it so early in the morning without having breakfast. So my midwife advised me to buy a home kit where I can test the sugar in my blood for a few weeks and if something is abnormal to get the test done as a last resort. You should definitely speak your your midwife but thirst apparently doesn't mean you have diabetes according to my midwife. Please let me know how you go. Good luck with it!!


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