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So I found out I am pregnant with my boyfriend's child. I'm happy so is he considering doctors told him he wad never able to have kids. But my delima is I'm in the process of a divorce and custody. I have an fro on my ex but work this pregnancy hurt me in a divorce. Ugh. But on a good note my levels are good, I go today to see how many, I'm 10 weeks, I also ordered the sneak peek test. I already have 2 girls. Lol.

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  • Congratulations! I’m not sure what an fro is, is it to do with finance reporting? Not sure what your situation with your ex is but a new baby should hopefully not affect your divorce/custody although I do not know much about divorce procedures/family law. Do you have a solicitor if so speak to them about any worries. Congratulations again enjoy your pregnancy and new baby, I wish you all the best, bet your girls are excited to have a little brother or sister xx

  • final restraining order. I'm a domestic abuse survivor.

  • Sounds like your in a much better situation now, all the best to you and your family domestic violence is such a hard thing to live through massive respect and love to you x

  • hi there, the fact you are having a baby shouldnt hurt your case at all, theres no legal reason it should do, but if your worried go speak to your solicitor about it.xx

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