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11 weeks, still feeling sick 24hrs!

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Hi All, I've just joined the site in the hope of finding some lovelies ladies to share experiences with. I'm having more low points in the pregnancy so far which makes me down but I also feel hugely lucky. My biggest struggle is nausea. I'm usually very active and I was determined to not let the pregnancy make me lazy but the sickness has stopped me functioning like a normal human and with digestion issues and lots of burping the sickness is getting worse! Hoped it would have calmed down by now. Anyone else still sick at week 11?

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Hi I was really sick from 8 weeks till 13 week and there was nothing morning about it! It was from the moment I woke till I went to bed. Also really tired and hardly did anything during those weeks. I am now 15 weeks and its like the fog has lifted. I have loads more energy and feel normal again. It will come!!! xxx

So lovely to hear that youre through the worst of the sickness. Thankyou for replying. I was concerned because the pregnancy websites say sickness usually lifts at week 11. Good to hear that isn't always the case. I'm fed up now as you can imagine. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Ahh bless you it will be fine. Some women have sickness all the way through but hopefully that wont happen to you! Good luck hun xxx

Isn't pregnancy glamorous?!?!? No one tells you about how cr@p it can be.

Although no morning sickness for me I felt like a zombie for the first trimester. Third trimester just hit and feel sick at the thought of food.

Hopefully your second trimester brings you some relief. Have you tried ginger to relieve the sickness?

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Iv tried ginger tea and ginger biscuits and don't notice much difference. I might try at different times of day.

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Really flat ginger ale? Be careful of some brands as they are so strong it feels like they are burning.

With my son my first trimester symptoms stopped at week 14 but with my daughter they reduced by week 13 and were gone by 14. I was very sick with her so it was a relief. You will get there soon!

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Thankyou Kelly. Good to hear some women's sickness lasts longer than others and that it does eventually stop! Hoping hoping hoping it passes soon.

I had nausea from week 8-16... I was most of the time in bed all day. Then on week 16 I felt first movements and nausea disappeared.

I got back being active, walked 7 miles week before giving birth and cycled till week 36, gained only 25lb during the pregnancy and week after delivering I was back on my pre pregnancy weight .

On other hand my neighbour is still pregnant (8 months) and still suffers from nausea... :(

We never know what's in our luck of draw. Also each pregnancy can vary.

I hope you'll soon feel better!x

I was. Mine lasted till 14 weeks about so hang on in there. However if you are being very very sick it's worth talking to someone about it. And I barely ate the whole way through as it made me completely loose my appetite!

Hi there! I had nausea feeling until around 16-18 weeks I also felt very anxious and panicky! I did get advised to take calms which is herbal and did work!!

Although it just depends on you and your pregnancy,have you thought of taking extra vitamins?? Xx

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