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So I have done 3 tests over the last 2 days and alll have been positive i went to the doctors yesterday and told him and got my first appointment with midwife in a few hours. Some reason I'm scared in case I'm actually not pregnant if that sounds strange as I only have a couple of symptoms like sore boobs and some light cramps 😬 Anybody else felt like this ??

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I felt like this too when I found out I was pregnant. I kept thinking, maybe the tests are wrong. When you have your dating scan it will all become real when you see the baby! As for symptoms, every woman is different. There are so many pregnancy stereotypes but we are all built differently. Good luck and hope you have a healthy pregnancy x

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I'm so glad!! Yeah I was like that too I went to my first midwife app yesterday and it was so exciting, I have to go back in 2 weeks to have bloods and stuff as I am only 6 weeks so it's too early! I cannot wait for the 12 week scan now I'm sooo impatient😆 And want to tell everyone the good news 💗👶🏼 Thank you so much xx

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