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Hi! I'm wondering if it is possible if anyone else has had a negative blood test?? Ive have 3 pregnancys two of which were misscarried and one which is now 6. All of June I skipped my period took a test. Was negative July in the second week I have some very faint spotting for a few day nothing even close to be considered a period and now august I still have yet to see anything. If I track my cycle correctly I'm 14 days late for my period. I usually have signs like some faint spotting a few day before I actually get my period and have yet to even see hat. I have multiple signs of being pregnant. Like the over powering smells nausea cramping back aces fatuige weight gain. U name it my stomach even feels rock hard like it did with my other pregnancy. I also feel very depressed. Which is how I felt with my last misscarage which had almost been a year now. Had my doc do a blood text but it can back negative. I'm so confused right now

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Hey me too l had test but it was negative l have all signs l guess the best thing is to wait wish am doing l will do another test after 2 months or 3.

Just eat healthy.


Yeah my home test have come out negative and those I know can be false but I had a blood test and that also negative yet still not even a sign of my period and I never miss my period and anything the longest they have been is 5 days late and now I've missed a month had somthing not even close to a period the second month and now I'm ok my third month still nothing yet

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