Worrying again!

So we are 19+4 weeks now and I don't have a bump at all! Everyone I meet tells me I'm so small and tiny! It's making me panic so much that my baby is not growing properly! Has this happened to anyone else/normal to happen? It's my first baby, I'm not 100% sure we have felt it moving yet either but people say that's not unusual as first time mums it can take up to 25 weeks! I'm losing sleep over it which is obs not good either! Anyone else had a tiny tiny bump at this stage!


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  • Me personally I havent I showed with all three of mine but did take till I was around twenty weeks with my first but my younger sister with her first had not even a bloated belly look until she was around thirty weeks they said he was lying in her back and she has such a tiny frame so how he was hidiing I will never no he came at 38 week and was 5'11 so small but not to small my daughter who I just had four months ago was 5'9 and I looked bigger with her than my boys and she was the smallest and brought early as she had stopped growing shes fine though everyones body is different if doctors say he/she is health I wouldn't worry x

  • Thank you for your reply. We still have 7 days to go til our 20 week scan :( we heard the heartbeat at 16 weeks but obs nothing since then from the doctor/midwife so I'm just panicking that something isn't right! Hopefully over nothing but!

  • There should be a telephone number for like the early pregnancy unit or the prenatal unit for the hospital in your pregnancy note folder you have been given why dont you call them too put your mind at ease

  • Everyone is different. Some people don't look pregnant until the very end so I honestly wouldn't be concerned. I'm pregnant with my first baby and didn't get a noticeable bump until around 20 weeks, I just looked like I'd put on weight. I also didn't feel proper movements until around 25 weeks. Everyone is different and you will be fine x

  • My daughter is 3 months old and when I was about to give birth everyone thought I was only 6 months gone!!! They was worried that she would be small so I had growth scans but she was a healthy 6lbs 6oz. Don’t worry yourself too much, youll be just fine xxx

  • My aunt never looked pregnant with all 4 of her kids. God knows where they were hiding.

    Dont worry, just be happy you are not looking for trousers that fit where the crotch doesn't end up down near your knees!

  • I'm 35 weeks today and only started showing at 30 weeks! It's nothing to worry about. My baby was back to back so that was the reason behind that. But at 20 weeks not very many people do show x

  • Please try not to worry. I know that's easier said than done, but the more you worry then the more the baby will feel the stress. if you are concerned about anything see your mid wife and ask for a check up, to listen to baby's heart or to go for a scan. Good luck. Xx

  • It's fine hun I wasn't showing on my little boy in till I was about 28 weeks and my little boy is healthier than ever 7 weeks 5days giggling away

  • Hi, please try not to worry - I've had exactly the same thing. I'm currently 30 weeks and don't have a big bump, in fact it just looks like I'm abit bloated (and even that has only started within in the last month or so). My midwife keeps telling me not to listen to people when they say how small I am as in fact, when she measured me last time, the sack, fluid and baby was slightly bigger than normal. I had an extra scan but the baby is a perfect size. Everyone is different. I also never felt any movements which I was 100% sure about until about 25/26 weeks either. Hope the next scan goes well! :-) x

  • My bump really got going from about 20 weeks onwards. I teach groups and most people I teach didn't even realise I was pregnant until I hit 21, 22 weeks. Now I am 32 weeks I feel huge - the bump growth just accelerated. I think this is why midwives only measure your bump height from about 24 weeks on as people vary a lot up until then. Don't worry, there's a baby in there and your bump will grow!

  • I was in the same situation as you! You may have tight abdominal muscles (due to gym/previous exercise). You may also have a good diet (low fat) and may not be putting on excess water like some women.

    My 20 week scan was normal but hardly had a bump. I only started feeling baby week 25 (anterior placenta) I'm now 27 weeks and have put on a stone since becoming pregnant.

    Most of the weight gain was after 22 weeks for me.

  • I had a tiny bump until 8 months then she ballooned, so don't panic. Go and see your midwife and they can check the heart beat for you if your that worried. I did feel my LO but wasn't to sure to begin with as it felt more like that butterfly feeling so if your getting that everything is perfect. Once again any worries go and see your midwife.

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