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Positive urine HPTs but negative blood test

Hello ladies. So I went to the doctors today & got sent to do a bloodwork. It came out negative. I showed the doctor my pregnancy tests (8 in total) I had taken & he told me that I more than likely am pregnant but just have to wait for a blood work & see if I am or if I am not. I took the blood test & it was negative. I called the doctor & explained to him the results & he said to wait a week to re test for a blood test. He said that maybe my hcg levels are low which is why I keep getting faint positives. Have any other you ladies gone through the same or similar?

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Hia, the only advice I can give is:

- do the repeat blood test

- on the same day do another home pregnancy test

- if the results come out the same (positive pee test, negative bloods and still no period) insist on an internal ultrasound.

You could have a blighted ovum, from what the matron at my EPU these tend not to resolve themselves and need a scrap.

I really hope that this is not the case for you, and your little bean is growing fine; but either way you need answers don't let drs fob you off.

Take care xx

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