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Help baby's sleep

Hi my baby is nearly 4 months and is sleeping well and doesn't now have a feed at night but we have a problem that he cries in the night (eyes closed) and is seeking the comfort of his dummy as soon as he has that he goes back to sleep. But he does this 3 or 4 time in the night then eventually wakes up at 5/6 ish for a feed.

Any advice on how to stop him waking for his dummy in the night? And to sleep through?

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I can only speak from my experience but all 5 of my children woke in the night for comfort/reassurance/milk for most of their first 6-12 months. 4 months is still very small and he's at the age where sleep regression is very common, meaning he will wake more in the night for a few months before settling into longer sleep patterns. Babies don't really understand that you want them to sleep through the night so it's important to go to him when he cries so he learns that you're never very far away. I would think he's still small enough to have night feeds, which may help him sleep longer.

Is he in your room at night? If not, having him close by will help reassure him that he's not alone.

I know it's exhausting having broken sleep but it won't last forever and he will sleep through when he is ready.


Thank you for your reply I thought that maybe the case x


Chelsea has given you really good advice, the only thing I would add is you might want to change the brand of dummy. I switched from advent dummies to mam. The outside shape of the mam was more fitting to a child's face and used to come out less. And you can get glow in the dark night ones that are easier to find at night xx


Thanks I will try that xxx


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