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Pregnant or Trying for a baby? - £50 study!


I am looking (as part of my PhD) for women trying for a baby or being up to 14 weeks pregnant, willing to take part in a nutrition study. They will all receive a £50 shopping voucher as a big 'thanks' for their help! 💌

If you know anyone eligible and happy to help around Glasgow feel free to pass them my details and I can send them all the info!

Participants should be healthy, living in Glasgow and should own a mobile phone with a UK number. They should also not being followed by a dietitian.

You will be asked to (3 times in 12 weeks time):

- Fill in diet questionnaires

- Provide urine samples

- Provide drops of blood from your finger tip

Email me: mairabouga@gmail.com or pm me!

Thanks for your help!


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Oh - I'm 17 weeks pregnant, in Glasgow - too late?? That's a shame...good luck with your study!


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