Hi all

I'm just curious I spoke to my gp today as I was 6 days late aswell as have a positive test and he said I'm to treat next few weeks as if I'm pregnant however this afternoon I've been spotting it's red but has sticky brown stuff and it's very light normally I'm very heavy and experience cramping I've had some cramping but it's only very small no where as near as bad as I normally suffer I'm quite regular so was wondering if anyone had any idea as to why I'm spotting?

Many thanks

All advice welcome

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Hello dear! Maybe the discharge could be implantation bleeding? I was spotting when I got pregnant. Good luck!

Thank you! Will definitely keep an eye on it as it's on and off

My one was a bit crazy on/off for nearly 2 weeks.


I had Brown spotting about a week after my period was due during this pregnancy. I had an early scan as it happened for a few days. Everything was fine and they said it was likely to have been implantation bleeding!

I had a miscarriage before I had my son and it was completely different. It was clearly a miscarriage and the blood was bright red. I know everyone is different but they usually say Brown blood is OK as it's old. Speak to your GP anuway though! Good luck!

Hi all thank you for the luck this morning I woke up and it became clear that I had become severely heavy with my flow heavier than my normal flow and I can be bad with mine and really bad stomach cramps I know what this means as I've dealt with this all before. But thank you all for advice and luck

Sending love x

Just saw your post and sending you lots of love.

If this has happened to you more then twice before even if this is your second occasion, please don't be shy in asking your gp for investigations. It could save you a lot of heart ache xx

Sending you love x

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