Irregular periods

Irregular periods

Hiya everyone, please someone help me.

Right OK so I had a miscarriage in 2015 my periods have become even more irregular.

Last one was this month April 2-7th and there wasn't one before that.( Feb march no period.

I don't know how to know how long my cycle is because it changes. Anyone with any useful things that can help this girl out.

We're trying for a baby! Partners stressing about how we've tried for 5 months and nothing yet. (I have to him to try and relax about it)

I'll post this ovia calendar.

Is it likely to happen this month??

Fingers crossed!!

Thank you for reading.


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If you're irregular a calendar will probably not help, as you can't calculate when you're going to ovulate, as that assumes regular cycles. I would keep track of your periods, but you might need ovulation tests to see when you're ovulating. However if you've only just started trying I'd say just take it easy, and enjoy it.


I can definitely recommend acupuncture for fertility. I always had regular periods until my first miscarriage then it was constant PMS which I never had before. It sorted out my mood and anxiety and also increased my luteal phase from 10 days to 14! Which is very important for implantation.

Good luck and try to get your husband to relax stress is no good for baby making. Xx


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