No morning sickness

I am 8 weeks pregnant and everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling and if I've had any morning sickness but I feel great and haven't had any sickness. I've had other symptoms such as sore boobs, tiredness and headaches. I feel as though it's a bad thing that I haven't had any sickness as everyone else seems to if had it by now, I obviously don't want it and hope I don't get it lol

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  • Let's hope you won't get it as it got me on week 8 and lasted for 8 weeks :( Honestly- the worst 8 weeks of my life!x

  • Not everyone has it! I wasn't actually sick with my first. I just felt sick all the time. This time round I was sick all the time lol. I have friends who haven't even felt sick. Every pregnancy is different so don't worry too much!

  • Just be glad. It's pretty awful, I've felt sick for the past 5 weeks ... finally easing off. Just consider yourself lucky!

  • You are one of the lucky 20% you don't have to be sick!

  • I'm almost 10 weeks, and haven't had any morning sickness either. All I have experienced is super sore breasts and tiredness.

    I know it seems a bit worrying to you, as other women often mention it's a good sign for those who struggle with it, that it's because the pregnancy is going well. Try to just stay positive, and hope you're one of the lucky ones too that others here also mention :)

  • Oh i am the same as you am too 8 weeks with my second with no symptoms no morning sickness which is annoying like whats the point.

  • If you really wish for morning sickness then hope it will work in your favour!

    However, I hope with my second I won't have the sickness so I'll be able to look after my first one - as I was so nauseated that was basically in bed for those 8 weeks.

    All best.

  • I never had any morning sickness and only had 1 day when I felt sick. It's nothing to worry about, im 30 weeks now and all is good. My mum never had any either just be thankful you have avoided it ☺

  • Lucky you :) every pregnancy is different. Better this way ;)

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