Uncontrollable Shivering/Shaking at 34 Weeks?

Hi Ladies,

I am 34 weeks with my first and last night I woke up with baby kicking, I turned over and had this intense pain on my left side, like period pain but from my pelvis up to bump. I got out of bed as thought it would help to move around. I then started shaking like I was cold but I wasn't cold. It and the pain subsided after 10 mins or so. Anyone know what this is?

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Wow what a horrible thing to say. No I am not unprepared. My husband and I have been planning this baby for a long time and very much looking forward to seeing my beautiful girl. I think you are using the wrong forum as this site is for women who support each other, not advising women who are nearly 8 months pregnant to abort.

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Dear Julia! I am so Sorry for Your scare that night. I am sure your body is just preparing for the delivery, so does strange things. 2 nights ago I went to bed with strong Braxton Hicks, then was woken up at 2:30, 6:30 and 7:15 by those intense Brixton hicks. However, ca the midwife and ask if this what you felt is notmal.

So sorry for that troll rockstar comment... it's not the place not the situation - if you can - please just ignore it (I reported it as it's out of order!)

Hope that last weeks of this pregnancy will pass nicely and soon you'll be able to carry your treasure in your arms!x


Poor you! Sure it was just normal but horrible pregnancy pains with your body reacting to it but why not give your midwife triage number a call to ease your mind? That's what they're there for and I've never known them upset with me for calling about worries like this (on my second pregnancy at the moment!). Not long to go now, sure all is fine if it's settled down now.


Thanks, I did end up calling the assessment unit and she advised it was likely just my body reacting to the pain as you said. A bit like shock. God knows how I'm going to handle labour ha ha xxx


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